►Take the #NotMyPresident Challenge!

Our president mocking a reporter with a disability during a November 2015 speech.

Just in time for the inauguration, The Clyde Fitch Report is launching a new campaign to take on Trump, and we want you to participate and make it viral! Let us introduce The #NotMyPresident Challenge. The rules are simple:

Step 1: Find a Trump property (if you’re in an urban area with one, like Trump Tower or Trump hotel) or any Trump-related object, like a bumper sticker, sign, photo, etc. Anything symbolic will do.

Step 2: Take a short video of yourself in front of or next to that property/object/photo, and tell Trump he’s “Not your president, unless…” — and then name any issue of importance that you demand Donald Trump address. So, your video could be you, standing by a Trump hotel, saying:

Donald Trump, you are not my president unless you acknowledge Russia’s role in corrupting our election!


Donald Trump, you are not my president unless you publicly accept climate change and global warming!

Choose any issue you want — whether based on policy or Trump’s personal conduct.

Step 3: At the end of your video, challenge several friends to record videos of their own and keep the challenge going. (Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? This works the same way.)

Step 4: Post the video on social media. Include a link to this article if you wish, and tag your post with the hashtags #NotMyPresident and #NotMyPresidentUnless.

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That’s it. Your video can be any length or strike any tone you like. The important thing is that you make your voice heard. Let’s storm social media on the first days of the Trump administration with a chorus of demands that make one thing clear: we will not take him seriously as our president until he takes the demands of the office seriously himself.

Here’s our Executive Editor, Leonard Jacobs, to kick off the challenge. Now it’s your turn!

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