Lara Fabian: Belgium’s Best-Loved Singer

Lara Fabian
Lara Fabian

There are some artists so underrated that it almost beggars belief and Lara Fabian is one of them. Less appreciated outside of Belgium than she deserves to be, the singer and composer spans the pop, soft rock, acoustic and classical genres. Check out three of her best songs below:

Tu T’en Vas

Tu t’en vas” was a single from Lara Fabian’s breakthrough album. Helped by her heavy touring schedule in Quebec, Carpe Diem went gold just three weeks after it was released in 1994. The success of this album also led to her being offered the role of Esmerelda in the French version of Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


It was her second album, Pure, that saw Lara Fabian explode onto the mainstream, selling millions of copies in French-speaking countries and beyond. This was one of the biggest singles on the album, and helped the Belgian to win several awards.

I Will Love Again

In 2000, Lara Fabian released her first single sung in English: “I Will Love Again.” The track was a success across the English-speaking world and peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play.

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