Andrew Hinderaker: Taking a Risk on the Impossible

Brett Schneider in the Goodman production of Andrew Hinderaker's The Magic Play (Photo: Liz Lauren)
Playwright Andrew Hinderaker (Photo: Emi Clark)

In this episode of The Scene, my guest is playwright and screenwriter Andrew Hinderaker. Hinderaker’s plays include Suicide, Incorporated, Kingsville, Dirty and I Am Going to Change the World. His multiple-award winning play Colossal, which features a dance company, drumline and full contact football received a rolling world premiere from the National New Play Network from 2014 to 2016, and he was also a writer on Showtime’s Penny Dreadful. His newest play, The Magic Play, is running currently at the Goodman in Chicago until November 20. The Magic Play is both a play and a magic show; it stars professional actor and magician Brett Schneider, and tells the story of a magician whose performances are recurringly integrated into a story on love, family and learning to give up control. The magic and plot complement each other seamlessly, and, without giving too much away, Hinderaker also entrusts a certain amount of the experience to the audience. In this interview, he discusses his love of magic and his experience creating plays with spectacular, seemingly impossible sounding demands, with advice on risk-taking and vulnerability that could apply to any area of life.

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