Don’t Just Defeat Trump. Destroy His Brand.


I have been reflecting on last Sunday’s St. Louis Smackdown. Not only must Donald Trump lose, he must lose everything. Bigly.

We got a taste of the nastiness to come even before the debate started, when Trump trotted out his stage props: three women who claimed sexual assault or harassment by Bill Clinton and a woman who was raped as a child, and for which Hillary Clinton served as the rapist’s public defender. I am not going to dispute the three women’s stories. But I do have an issue blaming a public defender for doing her job, no matter how despicable her client was. The Sixth Amendment of the Constitution ensures a citizen’s right to legal counsel. Period.

Trump’s whole point, as we know, was to take the klieg lights off of his disgusting and hyper-sexual discussion of the Art of the Pussy Grab and deflect toward Billary. To Trump, they are one and the same, guilty of each other’s crimes.

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No moral compass, no intellect, no decency.

The Access Hollywood video that came to light right before the debate, though, was as consistent an indictment of Trump’s attitude toward women as Trump’s indictment of Bill Clinton’s track record with women. Trump has lobbed derogatory remarks at women for decades. He claimed that what we heard on the video was “locker room talk” from 11 years ago, and his yapping lapdog, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani, backed him up on that claim, which makes you wonder just which locker rooms he’s been frequenting. It all certainly topped Trump’s fat-shaming retaliatory tweets about Alicia Machado, delivered in frantic, middle-of-the-night derangement that is how he now deals with everything in his campaign.

What made this different wasn’t Trump’s usual juvenile slobbering over attractive females, but his glib predilection for grabbing the pussies of women he thinks are hot. I will use that word: pussy. I don’t want people brushing it aside. It is a sexual expression that demeans and objectifies women, and that is how he uses it. It’s been a week or so now — just read his words this time instead of listening to them:

You know, I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.

Read the full, pathetic transcript if you can stomach two grown men talking like 12-year-old boys.

The cheap trick of bringing those four women to St. Louis was designed to hornswoggle an easily fooled public — or at least the uneducated voter he claims to love so much. From the first minute of the St. Louis debate to its hostile, bitter end, Trump only reminded us why he is the most unfit candidate for President in our 240-year history as a republic.

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I watched as he lumbered across the stage, amped-up like a lion at a zoo. Prowling, scowling, barely containing his disgust for the moderators, at one point whining “It’s nice. One on three.” I watched as he stalked and stood behind Clinton, glaring at the back of her head as though he could not believe she had the nerve to have actual policies! I gawped as Trump contradicted his own running mate on their policy toward Russia and then said they hadn’t even spoken! I thought Pence was the guy he hired to do all the domestic and foreign policy work in the White House. He was angry, defensive, whiny, complaining about the moderators, restless, pent-up, aggressive and without clear policy positions to fall back on.

Trump has three things: Benghazi, emails and Bill Clinton. All arguments with no basis in fact and no concern for the country. His outrageously transparent attempts to smear Clinton are because she dares to be a woman who dares to have ambition, and they’re the same smear tactics that have dogged her for 30 years. His “outrage” is a lie, since he has no moral compass, no intellect, no decency. Let’s look at two examples, of the many I could cite.

Since 2001, there have been 20 embassy attacks, including 13 under George W. Bush with multiple fatalities. The worst was in 2002 when there was a suicide bombing in front of the US consulate in Karachi, Pakistan that killed 12 and injured 51. For a real deep dive into embassy bombings, go to the Global Terrorism Database. You know that Trump has never heard of it. Where is his outrage for those deaths?

Last month, Newsweek told us that the very same Bush administration used private email addresses and deleted more than 22,000,000 — that’s million — emails from a private server owned by the Republican National Committee. Where is Trump’s outrage over that? Was it OK because Bush didn’t have a pussy?

Clinton’s email habits look positively transparent when compared with the subpoena-dodging, email-hiding, private-server-using George W. Bush administration. Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails. This correspondence included millions of emails written during the darkest period in America’s recent history, when the Bush administration was ginning up support for what turned out to be a disastrous war in Iraq with false claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and, later, when it was firing U.S. attorneys for political reasons.

But how about we drag Bill Clinton’s decades-old sexual affairs into all of this because — Benghazi! This, coming from a man who, between himself and two of his closest consiglieri, Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, have nine wives between them. The Clintons stuck it out like the Bible and Jesus say you should and made it work. Who is pussy-grabber Trump to judge the Clintons?

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So if Trump’s history of sexual assault against women — there are now nine accusers — is the straw that breaks the back of the GOP elephant, fine with me. They ought to be prepared, anyway: more is sure to come out.

Trump — who has admitted using a $916 million loss (of other people’s money) to avoid paying federal taxes for two decades, who screams about how China kills us in trade yet buys their cheap steel to build his high rises — doesn’t deserve his picture hanging beside the likes of Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy or Obama.

And who is a liar? Look at the Pulitzer Prize-winning and nonpartisan PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter on the amount of Clinton lies compared to the amount of Trump lies. (I can’t stress enough that PolitiFact has no skin in this game and really is nonpartisan.)

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Johnson: not a viable candidate.

For those of you who are considering a vote for Gary Johnson, I hope you watched the debate last Sunday, too. If you think voting for him is the moral and conscientious thing to do, please reread the previous paragraphs regarding Benghazi and the emails. I won’t even mention “What is Aleppo?” Oh wait, I just did. But here, PolitiFact is useful as well. It turns out that Johnson is a pretty honest guy. So we can take him at his word regarding what he thinks on certain issues:

Climate Change:

Is the climate changing? Probably so. Is man contributing to that change? Probably so.

Probably? Johnson doesn’t think the Environmental Protection Agency should exist. He believes the free market will keep lead out of your water.


Replacement of all income and payroll taxes with a single consumption tax that determines your tax burden by how much you spend.

A consumption tax will hit the poorest people the hardest. States will raise sales taxes to make up for shortfalls. Johnson thinks corporations should pay 0% in taxes. He claims it will create jobs.


No to mandatory vaccines; let parents decide.

No! Just…no.

Like the idea of free college?

I would not believe that colleges or universities should be free.

Don’t like the idea of Citizen’s United?

I think [the Citizens United case] comes under the First Amendment, that they should be able to contribute as much money as they want.

Foreign Policy:

For all of his detractions, Johnson is still basically decent man. He’s clueless and wrong, but not at all indecent. The same cannot be said for Trump, who has proven over and over that he is a narcissistic and vindictive bully, a sexist, misogynistic, xenophobic ignoramus. He is a petty dictator with a wish for a harem of ladies under 35.

As I wrote up top, not only must Trump lose, he must lose everything. Bigly. Johnson is not a viable candidate. He will not be sitting in the Oval Office on Jan. 20, 2017. So it’s more than time for Trump to lose, it’s time to take Trump down. Completely, absolutely, humiliatingly down. Let’s take our country back, yes: from an orange-hued, tiny-fingered, sick megalomaniac with a mean streak. I ask you to cast your vote to take down Trump. Destroy him. He must be taught that this country is better than him; it is kinder and it is smarter. He must lose not only the election, but his reputation and standing in the world. Trump must lose his brand. In doing so, we will make America not just great again, but good.