Sarah Ruhl on Democracy and Why Trump is a Great Tapeworm

Sarah Ruhl in 2013

The Scene is back from a short hiatus, and in this episode we are honored to feature the wise and boundlessly imaginative megaplaywright Sarah Ruhl. Ruhl’s plays, of course, include The Clean House, Eurydice, Melancholy Play, In The Next Room (or The Vibrator Play), Dear Elizabeth and The Oldest Boy, among many others. She has been the recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, nominated for a Tony, twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize and just recently won this year’s $200,000 Steinberg Distinguished Playwright Award. In our interview she discusses her new play Scenes From Court Life or the whipping boy and his prince, currently running at Yale Rep. The play follows the history of the Bush family alongside the reigns of Charles I and II of England and considers how similar the presidency is to being a king. Ruhl also weighs in on the current state of the election and the role of an artist in such bloody, chaotic times as ours.

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