CFR Offers Advice to Donald J. Trump, Loser


Unless you’re a complete and total imbecile and thus believe otherwise, the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump has been an orgy of everything historically dark and divisive about the American character from day one. We are exhausted by now from the litany: racism inciting to violence and to murder; misogyny inciting to assault and to rape; anti-Semitism inciting to ancient prejudices suddenly re-legitimized; and Islamophobia inciting to an international religious war and a clash of civilizations. Not to mention a severe allergy to any, and often every, type of fact. From the moment Trump rode down the escalator of his terrible tower, a geometric symbol of his lack of class, civility and decency, and announced his run for the nomination by casting all Mexicans as criminals and rapists, it was clear that he was unprepared for the highest office in the land, unprepared for his questionably-sized fingers and hands strumming anywhere near the nuclear football, unprepared to engage in the art of diplomacy — or, indeed, in the art of the deal — unprepared to respect, let alone nurture and steward our American democracy, and unprepared for a long-brewing cold civil war in America providentially ready to turn red-hot, courtesy of the nationalist right-wing hate that he has delighted and reveled in.

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Then the video dropped. Pussygate. Sexual violence hidden within (non-) entertainment news and kept locked in storage for 11 years and leaked. Trump’s campaign was already a stinky toddler’s playpen and a conflagration of Shakespearean proportions; given that he has now set the table to attribute a possible historic loss to election rigging, that conflagration is about to become an ungovernable inferno. Make no mistake, America: there will be blood, and violence, and death. There will be. Trump will be largely responsible for it, and that is whether Trump wins or not. America will never be the same after this, and it will not be different, for now, for the better.

“You see women as a walking vaginas.”

So what would we say to this demented character, to this monumental narcissist and psychopath, to this man who, at least as it stands today, will have little more to look forward come December than a date in court for a possible rape trial of a 13-year-old girl that remains wildly underreported in the media? What would we say to this monster, this fascist, this evil, as thanks for working so hard to lower our great and trouble land to little more than savagery and terror, mayhem and instability? We asked our writers at the CFR what they would say to this individual, and we present those words to you now.

God help — and God save America — whether Trump wins or loses.

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“Thank you for showing me who my friends aren’t. Thank you for providing a litmus test for showing people who are willing to gamble with my life and negotiate over my humanity. Thank you for being such a shining example of all that is wrong with American exceptionalism, racism, sexism and classism that some people have been forced to reconsider who they are and what they stand for. Thank you, sincerely, and stop running for president.” — Courtney Harge

“Suppose you get elected. How will you be able to work with Congress when so many from your party oppose you? How will you be able to inspire confidence in policy wonks and politicians who feel you’re nothing more than a shameless demagogue? Please offer specifics rather than invoke cliches or sweeping generalizations that mean nothing.” — Iris Dorbian

“Donald, I cannot address you with any more respectable salutation. Win or lose, your presidential campaign has unleashed and legitimized American xenophobia, segregated self-focus and unabashed ignorance. You know this. You should also know that I am a woman, a liberal, a survivor of a sexual assault by a member of our US military, an altruistic artist and activist, the wife of a Muslim immigrant, ally to LGBT and queer Americans, and the owner of a pussycat with special needs. On all these fronts, you and I differ. And it is because of these parts of my identity, I despise what you have come to stand for and vow to create beautiful progress in the face of it.” — Shawn Lent

“You have shown yourself so completely. If you win, we as a country deserve you.” — Caroline Kim Oh

“Donald, because your ego will not let you step down, and you are unable to control yourself, I look forward to the next four weeks of your meltdown. You are a serial cheater, a sexual abuser, a sexual bully and a leering pig. You are the worst of bullies who have never been told no or had to answer to anybody. You are ignorant, spoiled, greedy and selfish. You see women as a walking vaginas. I will watch you fail and watch your business fail when you lose. I look forward to your utter demise. You lost the election last Friday.” — Elizabeth Burke

“Thank you, Mr. Trump, for defeating everyone who might have defeated the Democratic nominee. You are such a national disgrace that even Hillary Clinton, with all her baggage and without any evident political talent, will win the presidency. Funny, though: I don’t feel as though we owe you anything.” — David Terrell