How Hillary Must Change, for Us


If Hillary Clinton does indeed become America’s next president, she must change the course she has been traveling in three major areas: (1) an economy benefiting Wall Street’s wolves, (2) endless war which could lead to world war, and (3) pushing for a police state. Her history shows she won’t want to change, in fact may feel she can’t change in this oligarchy called America. But she must for us, the people. And only you, the voter, can make her change.

The Economy Benefiting Wall Street’s Wolves

The millionaire candidate has reaped millions financially from Wall Street, including obscene sums for speeches to big-money audiences, and she won’t reveal those speech transcripts. It’s difficult to see her stepping away from the Wall Street wolves and their money factory, but she must break from them if she is going to govern and care for the American people.

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This includes keeping her husband, former President Bill Clinton, away from any say involving the economy. She said during her summer campaign she was going to rely on him on economic matters. That would be a mistake.

Why? Because it was President Clinton’s ties to Wall Street which led him to sign the two harmful pieces of legislation which led to the 2008 global meltdown: the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which scrapped the economically vital Glass-Steagall Act; and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 which quelled federal and state governments from regulating the $600 trillion over-the-counter derivatives industry.

Keep Bill away from the economy

The Glass-Steagall Act had been created following the Great Depression. It separated commercial banks, which handled checking and savings accounts and home mortgages, from the Wall Street wolves and their investment gambling which led to the Depression. After signing Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Clinton stated that Glass-Steagall “is no longer relevant.” He couldn’t have been more wrong.

Wall Street continues sucking trillions through derivatives. And it also has returned in recent years to the parasitic practice of subprime loans. Subprime mortgages helped cause the 2008 meltdown. Now Wall Street is not only involved in subprime mortgages, but has spread into subprime small-business loans, subprime auto loans, subprime credit cards, and subprime college-student loans. We’ve written in-depth about these issues here, here, and here.

clinton walmart_span
Mrs. Clinton was a six-year member of Walmart’s board of directors.

Hillary Clinton’s love for Wall Street includes close ties to major corporations, such as Walmart, on whose board she served for six years. It also means her flipflop on major trade agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership – which she favored before her candidacy, then has opposed as a candidate – will see her flip again as president and support the TPP and TTIP with Europe. Critics shout that both these secret trade agreements are more the creation of corporate forts than trade pacts, giving corporations powers that transcend nations’ powers.

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You might notice that the National Democratic Party in its platform did not include opposition to TPP, a clear sign of where Mrs. Clinton is going. We’ve written about TPP and TTIP here and here.

Endless War Leading to World War

We’ve written in detail about President Obama’s continuum of endless war ranging from killing innocents with drones to expanding previous presidents’ efforts at world rule. See our column “Obama Widens Carter’s, Bush’s Global-Rule Policies”.

asian pivot US-troop-deployment-in-Asia-Pacific
Clinton wants military control of Eurasia.

Mrs. Clinton has been an ally in these global-rule policies. And she has been a stalwart supporter of Obama’s “Asian Pivot,” the U.S. effort to send 40% of America’s military to encircle Eurasia as a threat to both Russia and China. In fact, she wrote about it in 2011 in a column headlined “America’s Pacific Century“.

This is a major problem. Russia and China are not Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. They’re ancient civilizations like the smaller nations, but they are not the smaller nations. They are major world powers who will not accept invasion nor threats of invasion and war, nor efforts to control their seas.

No doubt they’ve read Mrs. Clinton’s column on the Asian Pivot. And both Russia and China continue to respond to it.

Russia and China have also seen Obama begin a 30-year, $1 trillion rebuilding of America’s nuclear arsenal. It has led those two countries to expand their nuclear capabilities. We wrote about this in our column “Nukebuild: This Will Not End Well”.

We’ve also written about Andrew J. Bacevich, a retired Army colonel, Vietnam veteran, military historian, academic and best-selling author who has hammered the U.S. four-decade Middle East military policy. He has expressed grave concerns about Mrs. Clinton, calling her a hawk. And when someone with Bacevich’s credentials warns of the Democratic candidate’s neo-con war obsession, you should listen. You can read that column here.

If you read the column, you’ll also see Bacevich has no stomach for Trump either, comparing his personality to that of a “five year old”.

Police-State Push

We wrote in late March of Hillary Clinton wanting to push America into a deeper police state in our column “Hillary Joins the Police-State Parade“.

In her nomination acceptance speech, and other speeches, she prefers the politically acceptable term “security”. But such a generality is dangerous, and can easily move to more surveillance, more militarizing of police, and less freedom for Americans.

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So there it is. We see the direction Hillary Clinton has been traveling. She won’t change this direction — or even if she might want to, the oligarchy, and its puppet Millionaire Congress, won’t let her — unless you get organized (you can’t do it alone), get educated to these issues, and get active in letting her know she needs to change course, for our own good, and the good of the world.

Of course, you could greatly help the cause at the November polls by cleaning the millionaires out of Congress and replacing them with public servants who really mirror the U.S. public, like John Adams called for in his landmark paper “Thoughts on Government“.