Money, Love, Sex and Power: Playwright Gina Gionfriddo

Can You Forgive Her?
Can You Forgive Her? at the Huntington Theatre (Photo: T. Charles Erickson)
Gina Gionfriddo

On this episode of The Scene, our guest is playwright and screenwriter Gina Gionfriddo. She has twice been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for her plays Becky Shaw and Rapture, Blister, Burn, and her other plays include U.S. Drag, After Ashley and Can You Forgive Her?, which recently premiered at Boston’s Huntington Theatre. She has also written for Law & Order, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Cold Case and House of Cards. Her intersectional work tends not to focus on one issue at a time, instead looking at general power dynamics of class and gender as her characters pursue romantic and financial stability. In this conversation we discuss why she receives such emotional responses from her audiences, how writing about feminism prepared her for House of Cards and how to confront the existential “big blackness” present in all our lives.

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