Everybody Use This Crazy Easy Service for Arts Funding

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Looking for a new way to earn money for your favorite arts organizations — while saving a little for yourself in the process? Giving Assistant is a free digital loyalty (that is, cash back) program with a lot of options for those interested in improving the financial pipeline for the fine and performing arts.

Giving Assistant features access to more than 1,600 major retailers. For each online purchase that you make through the site, you’ll receive an average of 5% cash back in your purchase. That happens to be 100% of the commission that Giving Assistant receives from the retailer for linking to their site — not just 50%, like some loyalty programs. You’ll also receive your cash back via PayPal within just a few days — rather than the industry standard of a few months. With each purchase, Giving Assistant will not only make a donation to Feeding America, but it will give you, the consumer, the opportunity to share a portion of your cash back to the nonprofit charity of your choice, including arts groups nationwide.

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Here’s how we used Giving Assistant, just to show you how easy it is. On the homepage, click Join Now to create your account, and then do a search for where you plan to shop. The site partners with major ticket distributors like Ticket Liquidator (up to 8% cash back) and Ticket Network (up to 12.5% cash back), so if you’re buying tickets to a play or musical, for example, you’ll want to do it through Giving Assistant to really reduce your ultimate ticket price.GivingAssistantHome

In our example, however, we just wanted to buy some plays from Barnes and Noble, so we did a search for it. As you can see below, their page not only includes a link to the company’s site, but a whole cache of coupons so you can get even more of a deal on your order. From there we just clicked Shop Now and made our order from Barnes and Noble as usual.GivingRetailerSo: want to give a portion of your cash back rewards to your favorite arts organization? Just click My Account and you can choose then and there from a literally staggering list of nonprofits. (We checked, and even small storefront theaters are represented, so chances are your preferred organization is listed here, too!)

Giving Assistant is changing the way we support the arts by incorporating it into our regular online shopping habits — and it’s giving us great discounts on arts purchases as well. In fact, the average power user saves more than $705 a year. There’s really no downside in joining, since it’s free, and plenty of artists and shoppers have every motivation to support the arts organizations they love. In other words, this really could be a game-changing funding model. Imagine what would happen if just a fraction of a theater’s audience starting partially funding them with everything they bought online?

So we invite you to set up your free account account today (Giving Assistant gives you $5 just to join). Use it whenever you make an online purchase and then watch the donations pour in. Your wallet will thank you. And the arts will thank you, too.

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