Composers: Create the Music for Our Upcoming Podcast


Do you write or create music? The Clyde Fitch Report seeks a composer to create theme music for our upcoming new podcast, The Scene.

Hosted by Sean Douglass, The Scene will focus on how the performing arts intersect with contemporary social and political issues. The emphasis is more on giving artists a platform to discuss the topics and ideas most important to them and less on the industry itself. We’re interested in how individuals in the arts use their work to engage the world.

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For its theme music, The Scene is launching a national contest. Our ideal music is midtempo, catchy, distinctive. The podcast will have both serious and lighter moments, and we’d like the music to reflect that. It doesn’t have to at all sound like music one associates with the performing arts, and it shouldn’t be too grand or melodramatic, like a news show. What does the theme music for a podcast sound like? You tell us.

To enter, submit a one-minute audio file to by 6pm EST, Fri., March 4, 2016. Multiple entries are encouraged. The winning music will earn the composer a byline in every episode of The Scene, and audiences will be provided links and information to learn more about your work.