A Survey of Art’s Best in 2015

Putto sculpture believed by Donatello.

As white-bearded, white-gowned 2015 makes his exit this week, here’s a look back at the year’s best in areas of art, according to publications dedicated to the cause:

Biggest Art Discoveries

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The website artnet.com, which reviews global artists and art sites, last week covered its view of the year’s top 10 “biggest art discoveries” ranging “from secret portraits to glowing sea creatures”.

Listed as No. 1: the finding of a lost Donatello sculpture at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

Second is a Slovakian art dealer spotting a rare Bernini bust. Third: DaVinci’s Mona Lisa hiding another portrait beneath it. Fourth: Discovery of a lost Faberge egg elephant. Fifth: The probable NONexistence of a Nazi art treasury train in a Polish tunnel.

Sixth: Uncovering Monet’s hidden signature in “A Haystack in the Evening Sun”. Seventh: Accidental discovery of a new glow-in-the-dark sea turtle. Eighth: Columbia officials announce finding a $1 billion three-century-old shipwreck . Eighth: “Shocking insights” rising from X-ray analysis of Kazimir Malevich’s 1915 oil on linen “Black Square”. Ten: $58 million of looted antiquities found in a police raid.

You can read more details about the Top Ten here.

 Asia’s Top New Art Spaces in 2015

garter photo
Photo at Garter by Hironobu Sato.

The website Blouin Artinfo discreetly calls itself “the preeminent global source for up-to-the-minute news, information, and expert commentary on art, artists, and the business and pleasure of making, buying, and understanding art.” This year it has kept a close eye on newly opening Asian art spots.

In a Dec. 24 article, Darryl Wee noted:

…2015 was a year of incredibly diverse enterprising new ventures in various sectors of the Asian contemporary art scene. Established commercial galleries scaled up their operations by opening new spaces in Taipei and Singapore, local city governments gave generously to support a new contemporary art space in Nagoya, and up-and-coming artists and curators opened their own project spaces in two of Tokyo’s most eclectic neighborhoods.

Wee’s review included the Galerie Nichido TaipeiGajah Gallery in Singapore, eastern Tokyo’s Asakusa, Nagoya’s Minatomachi Art Table, and Garter in Tokyo. You can read Wee’s full article here.

India’s Ten Best Art Colleges

ScoopHub, an India-based resource directory, on Dec. 23 listed what it considers India’s best 10 art colleges. They range from No. 1 Lady Shri Ram College for Women, affiliated with the University of Delhi, to No. 10 Stella Maris College in Chennai. You can read the full accounting here.


The San Francisco Chronicle on Dec. 21 chronicled (wouldn’t you know it?) “10 San Francisco art events that mattered in 2015”. But you have to be a subscriber (wouldn’t you know it?) to get it. Sorry.

But artnet.com on Dec. 23 was more than willing to give us “The 30 Most Exciting Artists in North America Right Now: Part One”. They begin with MacArthur Foundation fellowship-winner Nicole Eisenman and close Part One with No. 15 painter Wyatt Kahn. You can read about all the first 15 artists here.

The site nycxdesign.com reviewed the Museum of Modern Art and its Department of Architecture and Design’s “Festive Five for 2015”. Check it out here.

And we’ll close with vulture.com listing earlier this month its “10 Best Art Books of 2015”. Read it and reap here. 

And Happy New Year!