A Trump Presidency Might Be Fun…and a Total Disaster


Part of me would love a Donald Trump presidency and part would find it to be, as Trump himself would say, a total disaster.

The billionaire real estate developer and reality TV star seems coated with Teflon. The GOP conservative base loves him — even when he insults war heroes and Fox News anchors.

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Even Republican pundits who hate Trump admit that he taps into the anger people feel at government. And that goes not only for the loathed party of Obama and Clinton, but even for the beloved party of Reagan. It has been headed up by incompetents in the White House since the Gipper exited in 1989 and by opportunists on Capitol Hill since the Newt skedaddled 10 years after that.

But as much as I understand the idea of giving your own party the old middle finger, there’s also a lot to be said for going for someone who’s familiar with how things work.

I don’t like how much plumbers charge, but I’m not going to hire a neophyte just because he charges a quarter the price. Same goes with Leader of the Free World. Mayor, sure, but not the guy with the nuclear football.

A Trump presidency would throw Democrats and Republicans alike into a tizzy. And that would make a part of me very, very happy.

But couldn’t we achieve the same schadenfreude with a Ben Carson or a Carly Fiorina without all opponents being called losers and disasters? I’d like to think so, but I don’t have that much faith in the electorate.

Besides, a lot of those guys on Capitol Hill are losers and disasters.

But I can’t just ignore Trump’s bullying and belittling. It’s hilarious when he does it to somebody you don’t like. Not so much when it’s aimed at someone you admire. And its ability to entertain has an expiration date.

That said, if a Trump administration does happen I could console myself on how much it would annoy all the Illuminati-wannabes in D.C. who think they pull the strings.

As I’ve written here before, you may not like Trump, but he isn’t a phony. He — and Bernie Sanders on the other side — are being their authentic selves. Trump admits that he whines until he gets what he wants. If he wants to build a wall, a Wall Shall Be Built.

Senior Nieto, PAY FOR THAT WALL.

It may sound ridiculous, it may offend more than half the U.S., it may violate NAFTA, but Trump will Make Mexico Pay for That Wall! (and they’ll be happy to do it). It could be an entertaining for four years. (What am I saying? An entertaining eight years.)

Trump surrounds himself with complete loyalists who appear to have taken a blood oath to debase themselves by repeating his comical assertions, i.e., Trump “is the greatest negotiator on the planet.”

Can you imagine his cabinet picks? Obama tried — and failed — to get Dr. Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General. Trump would try — and succeed — to get Dr. Oz.

The Nostradami of the Political Class keep soothsaying Trump’s demise, and they keep looking like that fake psychic from Montel.

The Trump candidacy is dead. Long live the Trump candidacy!