Hillary, Stop Doing Stupid Things


I have never been a big fan of Hillary Clinton. After she stood by her cheating man on national television in 1992, in essence telling women it is OK for your husband to run after anything in a skirt just as long as his running leads you to the White House, I just lost respect.

You know I’m not sitting here – some little woman standing by my man” she told a CBS interviewer on Sunday. “I’m sitting here because I love him and respect him.”

Granted, I don’t know the true nature of their relationship. I’m sure there is some mutual respect in that weird political union they created. But the glaring bunch of marital bullshit she shoveled to the women of the world turned me off.

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It was the first time I watched a woman publicly lie through her teeth to get what she wanted. I watched a woman stand by a husband who was a known philanderer in order to reap the benefits of his political office. I came to believe their marriage was forged out of political need: his need to be loved and her need to be powerful. Which brings me to wonder why Hillary seems to be self-destructing?

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Hillary, as the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, can you, just for the next 20 months, stop doing and saying stupid things? Unless Elizabeth Warren suddenly rises like a White Lady Obama to once again snatch the Oval Office from your clutching grasp, you must be completely forthcoming about anything else that can derail your candidacy.

You had a server in your house while Secretary of State? You used your personal email instead of your .gov account? I don’t care if it was legal, barely legal or met the absolute minimum requirements for legality. You had to know that once it came to light, the GOP would start with subpoenas and committees, and end with Rep. Darrell Issa in a constant state of investigatory orgasm.

When you ordered that server to hold your government emails, when you said, yes, let’s put it in my private den, when you sent your first email as whitehousehereicome@gmail.com, you had to know the GOP would make this an issue of national security. They would make it an issue of more Clinton lies and yet another Clinton scandal. What were you thinking? Hillary, they are going to come at you with anything and everything no matter how idiotic, petty or quasi-legal.

Either you are so arrogant that you think you are above using common sense or you think you are so untouchable that no matter what you do, the presidency is yours. Either way, I am not impressed. If you are not interested in being president, then have the balls to speak up now. Let Elizabeth Warren and others in your party fight for the job while there is time to raise the necessary $1 billion. You are acting in a manner so reckless you may prove yourself to be beatable. That leaves us with another Bush. Another Bush!

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As I look at the slate running for the GOP nomination, it seems that Hillary has to fall a long, long, long way to be defeated by this starting line-up. The GOP, after losing to Obama again, concluded their candidates weren’t conservative enough. They believe the only way to beat a liberal Democratic candidate, even after two decisive elections in favor of the liberal Democratic candidate, was to put forward candidates who are so right-leaning they physically bend to the right at the waist.

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The 2016 GOP line-up is so extreme, their hero Ronald Reagan would have been booed out of the party if not out of the country. In this era of the Tea Party, the man every single GOP politician claims to worship would not have been elected dog catcher in the current Republican party. Good God, Reagan raised taxes 10 times! Instead we have neophyte candidate Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, who recently stated that being gay is a choice because men go into prison straight and come out gay. There is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker touting his foreign policy expertise by comparing his bullying of 100,000 Wisconsin union members and taking away their bargaining rights to being “equipped to take on the terrorist group ISIS because of his experience during those protests.”  Cue national ridiculing. Rand Paul, another doctor, is refusing to answer if he believes in evolution.

See Hillary? This election should be in the bag for you. This is a party that thinks a liberal candidate won twice only because the Republicans did not put up their most conservative candidate. Their list of 2016 hopefuls are falling over each other to prove who is more intolerant, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-immigration, anti-choice, anti-marriage equality, anti-science, anti-everything that doesn’t look or think like them.

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Much of the GOP’s outing of their more radical right wingers is because of the massive gains in the 2014 elections. Understandably, many consider that to be a rebuke of the Democratic handling of economic and foreign policies for the previous four years. But the reality is that the party in the White House almost always loses seats in the Congress and Senate during mid-term elections.

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TableUnbeknownst to the GOP, there is another generation coming up: those who turn 18 in 2016.

This is a generation who grew up with friends who have two dads/moms, who have more friends with funny last names, who were raised by the Internet and Modern Family. They believe in science, including climate change and evolution. This next generation of voters is not impressed by an angry mob shouting racist slogans while listening to Mike Huckabee’s pal, Ted Nugent, call President Obama a subhuman mongrel and a chimpanzee while referring to Clinton as a worthless bitch.

smallHillary, these are your people. This generation is yours for the taking. They like their women powerful, confident and in a pantsuit. They are on the cutting edge of technology. They support marriage equality, LGBT rights and understand that the GOP dream of deporting all 12-million illegal immigrants will devastate our national economy. They believe in climate change because they believe in science. They are less religious and believe in evolution. They support a woman’s right to choose how she lives her life and do not believe strangers with a Bible need to tell her how to do it.

Hillary, they are your biggest supporters and you are losing them. While I may not be your biggest fan, I am rooting for you. I want you to rise above and show me that the woman who stood by her man in 1992 will stand by her supporters. Start acting like a goddamn presidential candidate who can beat any GOP candidate.