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Five More Women Doing Amazing Things

Hats off to these marvelous women. We could all learn a thing or two from them.

Water: Reports Point to Worldwide Problems

Peace also would help.
Zayn Malik

That’s Some Head of Hair You Got There

Hair today, gone tomorrow. Or should we say "faded"?

With Obamacare, Ted Cruz Plays the Long Game

Who's smarter than a hockey puck?

Luke Spencer Implodes as “General Hospital” Turns 52

Will he be carted away to Miscavige Hospital for the Criminally Insane?

A Manifesto for Theaters and Interns: Part 2

Isn’t that why you’re in the industry anyway?
Bambif*cker Little Lord

Notes on (The New York Times Writing About) Camp

Camp cuts both ways. It's a putdown, unless you're seeking a particular kind of experience.
carlyle goodman theatre

We Need More Crappy Plays

Harold Clurman said, "You can't have good plays unless you have a lot of bad ones."
Starbucks Racetogether Cup

Dear Starbucks: How Do You Know Baristas Aren’t Racists?

Among all those baristas, there's not one single baracist in the bunch?

Why China?

Isn't education supposed to be nonprofit?

Good Missions for Arts Organizations

The "why" before the "what."

John Singer Sargent Captures Henry James in Oils

The superb portraitist achieves two versions of his novelist friend in one sitting.

Aesthetic “Malediction” from Alexander Geist

Caravaggio-meets-Leonardo-meets-Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

YouTube’s #DearMe Campaign: Empowering Young Women

So what would you tell your younger self?

Republicans Oppose These Americans’ Right to Vote

..."shall not be denied or abridged"..."on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."

‘Tulpa’ and Healing Through Writing

Writing healed me from a lot of the race and gender trauma I had internalized from a world that hates and fears Black women.

A Comics Great Tackles the Irish Immigrant Experience

Colleen Doran's “Gone to Amerikay” weaves together three time periods into a very satisfying story.

“Apocalypse: WWI” Will Teach Your Children Well

A five-part documentary with amazing digitally restored film footage reveals the evolution, horror, and futility of world war.

The Return of the Pocket Square

An accessory dating to 500 B. C. pops up again.

Steppenwolf Brings the Heat

Issues of class, race and survival during Chicago's 1995 heat wave.
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