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Peter Capaldi roared in as the 12th Doctor Who — bemused, befuddled and confused, taking a while to realize who he was. But once he remembered, it was all Doctor, all the time. His auspicious debut took us back to Victorian London — my favorite time and place — accompanied by the ever tart-tongued Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman). Along for the ride are everyone’s favorite lizard, Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), her wife Jenny (Katrin Stewart), and my number one inappropriate warrior, the oddly-shaped Strax (Dan Starkey). You see, there’s this dinosaur running rampant in the Thames and it’s up to The Doctor to once again save the world, or at least London. Capaldi, a self-confessed Whovian, settled comfortably into his boots and the eighth series is off to a jolly good start! I haven’t warmed up to Capaldi as of yet, but I had the same problem when Matt Smith became the 11th Doctor. I think we Whovians are just so enamored of David Tennant that it will take time to adjust to any new Doctor. Stay tuned.

Judith Light as Dallas' evil Judith Ryland
Judith Light as Dallas‘ evil Judith Ryland

Back with a Vengeance
Who said Dallas wouldn’t survive the death of J.R. Ewing? J.R. and his portrayer, Larry Hagman, are long gone, but the melody lingers on. Josh Henderson, as his son John Ross, is no J.R., but then again, who is? Hagman had that role down to a science, but Judith Light — who can do no wrong – and Mitch Pileggi as mother and son Judith and Harris Ryland, are right up there in the sleaze department. Light is so scary as the matriarch of the Ryland clan, she makes Pileggi look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. But don’t underestimate the power of Bobby and Sue Ellen. As long as Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray are alive and kicking, the Ewings will always retain the top slot of shady dealing. Somewhere, Larry Hagman is enjoying his view of South Fork.

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It's a Nucky, Nucky world we live in!
It’s a Nucky, Nucky world we live in!

Under the Boardwalk
As the real Atlantic City goes on life-support, the last season of Boardwalk Empire starts with a bang — many of them. It’s now 1931 and people are dropping like flies. Prohibition is almost over and Nucky Thompson is looking to take back all that he’s lost. Nucky, played by Steve Buscemi in the role of a lifetime, has a target on his back. He’s in Cuba, where murder attempts abound, ears are being lopped off and he’s taking up with Sally Wheet, played in all her slutty glory by the divine Patricia Arquette. We’re also being treated to a flashback of how young Enoch met his mentor, The Commodore, and transformed from a basically honest kid to the Nucky we all love and fear.

Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells in Unforgettable
Poppy Montgomery as Carrie Wells in Unforgettable

This Week on the Tube…
if you haven’t been watching Unforgettable, it’s time to start. Poppy Montgomery and the entire cast are great, as are the scripts and the plots. A detective with a rare medical condition that gives her the ability to visually remember everything, Carrie Wells is not your typical cop and this is not your typical procedural. I’m glad that CBS brought it back from the brink of cancellation. Watch it on Sunday nights and catch-up via On Demand.

Best TV Moment of the Week…
The coverage for Joan Rivers’ fight for life and ultimate death was unlike anything I have ever seen before. The outpouring of love for this icon of stage and television touched us all. Somewhere, Joan is smiling down on us and saying “Oh, grow up!”

And don’t get me started…
Well, Mrs. Ray Rice – and I call you that since you clearly have no identity of your own, other than as the punching bag of the animal you call your husband – thanks for setting back the women’s movement to caveman days. Yeah, the video went viral and you lost your cash cow and now you blame the media. Idiot, you should have turned him in and sued him for everything he has, and then maybe you might have some shred of dignity and the respect of someone, rather than the disdain and disgust of everyone. Grow up!

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