Taking Aim at the ‘Guns Everywhere Law’ in Georgia

Gov. Nathan Deal
Gov. Nathan Deal
Gov. Nathan Deal of Georgia

Recently the great state of reasonableness, Georgia, decided it did not have enough guns everywhere. So politicians enacted a law that made it legal to not only bring a gun to work, but also to bars, schools, Walgreens, and pretty much anywhere one might feel the least bit nervous or disrespected. It’s commonly known as the “Guns Everywhere Law.” It went into effect on July 1st.

That’s right. Georgia’s Republican governor Nathan Deal signed the ironically named “Safe Carry Protection Act,” allowing all licensed gun owners to carry their weapons into every place imaginable, including churches. Why are Georgians mad at God?

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Yes, taking your gun into a bar is just fine, but don’t even think about endangering the lives of the lawmakers who gave you the freedom to shoot while drunk. People will even be able to carry firearms into government buildings that don’t have metal detectors, such as city halls, libraries, recreational centers, city office buildings and fire stations. Fantastic! But stay away from buildings that house your elected officials. Those buildings have heavy security and metal detectors because those coward’s lives are clearly more important than some non-voting school kid or church lady.

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Don't worry Maam, I"m from Georgia.
Don’t worry ma’am, I’m from Georgia.

It’s not surprising that one day after the law went into effect, there was trouble.

According to the Valdosta Daily Times, two armed customers encountered each other in a convenience store. One of them asked the other for his firearms permit and ID. Upon getting rebuffed, the man drew his gun. Police were eventually called and they arrested the enthusiastic customer.

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So two fools with the combined intelligence of a Georgia peach were willing to shoot each other over a misunderstanding while completely sober. Imagine this exact scene at 1 a.m. in the neighborhood watering hole. No doubt the news will be coming out soon about how two morons shot each other because of no particular reason other than being drunk.

The NRA, of course, applauds this new legislation. The spokesperson for their fearful fear-mongering leader Wayne La Pierre stated this new law is “the most comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation introduced in recent history.” But we all know the NRA is thrilled each time there is a shooting, mass or not. In fact, they celebrated our “freedoms” to slaughter each other by holding their 2014 Convention in Indianapolis where the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is predicting a 25% increase in gun traffic just this year. This comes on top of an already record-setting uptick in violent crime that last year led to the city’s highest murder rate in seven years – 10% per capita more than Chicago – and is likely to exceed that rate this year.

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The NRA is so shameless, they celebrated firearms and death by holding their convention in a city with an out of control gun violence problem. And to drive the point home, they observed their NRA Youth Day by gun-control-kids-300x168giving guns to children to play with.

Yes, I will say it: The NRA absolutely loves death, violence and murder. Add the profiteering they get from gun manufacturers who support their conventions, the non-stop DC lobbying, and the pure utter control La Pierre and his group of sociopaths have over the majority of United States legislatures, and I am full of fear.  Make no mistake, they own our politicians lock, stock and smoking barrel.

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Here is the full list of who voted in favor of life and who voted for more deaths. Note the irony of self-proclaimed Pro-Life politicos who voted no on this measure.

You may call this hyperbole, but it is not. After each shooting rampage, mass murder, lone murder, or any gun-related death, the NRA is silent. The only time the group speaks up is when they threaten politicians with their jobs if anyone takes the slightest measure to tighten gun laws, require waiting periods and background checks or any of the numerous reasonable reactions to curb the explosion of gun violence we have witnessed in the last decade.

The situation is so dire, it seems almost insurmountable. Enter Michael Bloomberg and American moms. Finally, there are gun control groups appearing on the horizon like the US Calvary coming over the hill. But this calvary does not consist of men riding horses brandishing rifles, but with moms riding in minivans brandishing sanity and an absolute resolve to save lines.

Bloomberg’s group, Everytown for Gun Safety, is taking a page from the NRA’s playbook by sending out a questionnaire to Senate and House incumbents and candidates to state publicly where they stand on issues such as expanding background checks, limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines and toughening gun-trafficking statutes. And unlike the NRA they are revealing responses to the public. Similar to how a vampire burns in direct sunlight, transparency is something that the NRA cannot tolerate. Please take four minutes to complete the questionnaire and then ask your representative do the same.

Everytown was created by joining two leading gun control groups, Moms Demand Action and Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. The former mayor of New York City has committed $50 million of his own money to finance this new group and will be working in a more grassroots manner than solely lobbying in DC.

The UK Guardian reports the group’s president, John Feinblatt said, “Everytown will continue to push for change in Washington, but will also move beyond Congress and bring the fight for commonsense gun policies to state capitals, to corporate boards, and to state and federal elections.” This is the first time ever that gun control groups have gone directly to the states and local government, to the voting public, to local communities, and not focused solely on purchasing politicians.

imagesSince the slaughter of children at Sandy Hook, we are witnessing the birth of gun control groups springing up like the first daffodils after a deadly cold dark winter.

Gun violence is now a monthly occurence. Last May, there was the Isla Vista, a UC Santa Barbara mass shooting that left seven dead and 13 wounded. The final victim was Christopher Martinez, a student at the college. With the image of his father Richard Martinez’s anguished face imprinted on our minds and his promise to dedicate his life to stopping gun violence, dads have now joined moms in support of stricter laws. Groups such as Newton Action New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, Coalition Against Gun Violence, Parents Against Gun Violence, Concerned Citizens Against Gun Violence, Grandmothers Against Gun Violence, are now the voice of reason. Together, I hope these groups will start to drown out the maniacs who think carrying AK-47s into Target to buy toilet paper is normal.

The only decent (albeit unknowingly decent) thing the NRA has done is to publish a list of organizations and celebrities who have advocated for stricter gun control measures. Thanks! Matt Knighten with GeorgiaPacking.org has compiled a comprehensive list of gun control advocacy organizations that we can give money and support.

What a bunch of helpful gun devotees! I suggest we take these lists and email, Facebook, Tweet, and Instagram our sincere thanks to every single person or organization on these lists and let them know they have our support and gratitude for saving lives. Be sure to go to the NRA page and Georgia Packing and thank them directly for this handy guide. Let them know to keep up the good work. Not. One. More.


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