Yo, Obama! How About a Chair for the NEA?

We're not joking, Mr. President
We're not joking, Mr. President
We’re not joking, Mr. President

There is a new and very important petition on the White House petition site.

It’s called Nominate a replacement to head the National Endowment for the Arts.”

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Yes, it’s about time: the nation has waited an unprecedented 14 months for President Obama to name a replacement for Rocco Landesman.

And six months since the New York Times reported on what might really be behind this extended, stalled search.

While we at the CFR are sympathetic to what President Obama has on his plate — a still-struggling economy, radical-right-wing Republican racism, the problem of Syria and the fragmenting of the Arab Spring, the problem of the NSA, the problem of Edward Snowden and a total fumble in terms of predicting the results of the 2014 Super Bowl — enough is enough is enough is enough is enough, as Gertrude Stein would put it. The National Endowment for the Arts needs someone with a pulse in its top chair.

And it’s time for you to sign the petition.

It reads:

The leadership of the Dramatists Guild of America and the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society strongly encourages President Obama to nominate swiftly a new Chair of the NEA.


On January 17th, the U.S. Senate allocated $146 million dollars to the NEA for 2014. This sends a very positive message of commitment and support to the arts community, who had expected a significant reduction based on a proposal last fall in the House of Representatives to cut NEA funding by upwards of 49%.


The Chair of the NEA has been a vacant position since December 2012.


By appointing strong leadership to the NEA to not only oversee the best uses of this annual budget but to champion the arts, President Obama signals their value to our country and helps to ensure their future in American culture.

Sign here. Now. Please.