Broadway Blooms with Blind Items

Cherry's jubilee? Photo by Michael J. Lutch.
Cherry's jubilee? Photo by Michael J. Lutch.
Cherry’s jubilee? Photo by Michael J. Lutch.

Which new musical arriving on Broadway this spring sold well in its recent tryout but was loathed by audiences? The creatives are now working round-the-clock to make repairs. Spies say it is much improved to “almost passing.” (Get a stage manager drunk and you also learn the leading man’s true waist size.) If the egocentric creators can repair the wailing score, maybe it will run a few months. Insiders at the theatre landlord’s office say they’re talking to fall tenants regardless.

Overheard at Cafe Centrale, where loose lips sink many new shows: “Why are the new Broadway musicals like Obamacare? Because they all sound very good on paper but no one has thought it out properly or has a clue how to make it work.”

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Elaine Stritch, Julie Andrews and Meryl Streep were all at the closing weekend of the Cherry Jones-starring Broadway revival of The Glass Menagerie. Jones — despite this scrivener’s feeling that she was miscast as Amanda Wingfield — has a lock on the Tony for Leading Actress in a Play, despite expected competition from Estelle Parsons in Eric Coble’s The Velocity of Autumn (second place) and Tyne Daly in Terrence McNally’s Mothers and Sons (third place). If Jones wins, it will be her third Tony.

A representative of the Arthur Laurents estate has been feverishly telling anyone who can whistle that they have pitched Steven Spielberg a totally unnecessary remake of West Side Story. Put this on the shelf next to the estate’s previous announcement of a Barbra Streisand redo of Gypsy.

Profits at Les Misérables and The Phantom of the Opera must be down. Way down. So far down there’s not enough for cab fare lately, or else why would the world’s most successful producer, Cameron Mackintosh, ride the C train with his staff on recent Saturday afternoon? They loudly dished several new Main Stem musicals as well as one particular leading man (three guesses who). Apart from yours truly, not a soul knew who they were or cared about which weary revival they were trashing.

Which new musical was roundly panned in its recent out-of-town tryout as “strictly for the kiddies-under-six trade”? Ay, there’s the rub.