Paul’s Playing, Linda’s Pictures Grace Vienna


Remember my cry in my last “Pocket Vienna” column?

I need somebody
Not just anybody…

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Linda McCartney photo 1968

Well, guess what! No less than former Beatle Paul McCartney made a one-day-visit to Vienna on June 27. He performed Eight Days A Week, Hey Jude, Let It Be, We Can Work It Out – and nearly all the other biggest hits of The Beatles.

About 27,000 people admired the 71-year-old Sir Paul with his still wonderful voice and his unbroken joy at rock ‘n’ roll, changing from bass to guitar to piano….and old couples are humming Yesterday when leaving after almost three hours of music.

Is there a better compliment for Sir Paul and the Beatles…

The very next day I went to the exhibition of photos by Linda McCartney at the
Hundertwasser Haus: very moving to me her sensitive photos of Paul, the kids and the
dog Martha – but there are fascinating photos of other giants of the rock ‘n’ roll scene as well.

Summertime and the living is easy…

Almost three weeks of sun and heat combined with a glass of Gruener Veltliner (white wine) during the day (“just to beat back any rays…”). This put sort of a light cover on Vienna to protect the daydreaming of her great past, including Emperor Franz Josef and Empress Elizabeth called Sisi….listening to “habe die Ehre” (its an honor) and “k√º√ü die Hand, gn√§’ Frau” ( gladly, ma’am): All the attention usually paid to the capital is slowly drawn away by the Salzburg Festival, its glamorous guests and the never-ending story of intrigues and gossip…and some tears might run down the cheek when watching the movie “Hallo Dienstmann” (hello, servant ) with the unforgettable Hans Moser.

Painting by Albert Oehlen

Of course there are still some events in the city: the Museum of Modern Art realizes a retrospective exhibition of the work of Albert Oehlen, a German painter of the 1980s, one of whom the art critic connects with the group Neue Wilde (new wild painters). And Austrian writers are engaged in a marathon reading at the MQ, Museum Quarters, and “frame out” is an open-air movie festival.

And a modern dance festival “ImpulsTanz” – with international companies as well as choreographers: “…it seems fair to ask whether 30 years ago anyone would have dreamed that the ambitious but small-scale ‘Internationale Tanzwochen Wien’ (international dance weeks Vienna) would one day become the biggest European dance festival,” wrote the Federal President Mr. Fischer.

…fish are jumping and the cotton…

Please keep a cool head, Gerd, and don’t hold back the news about Robbie Williams: 67,000 pilgrims listened to his concert at Vienna on July 17th….and if I were not such a lazy guy it might have been 67,001.