Entertation Index Mar 25 – Apr 5: Sleeping Swinton


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And so, the Entertation Index, March 25 – April 5:

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Bad, Breaking – A man who has been suspected of stealing a valuable final-season script of the popular drama Breaking Bad from lead actor Bryan Cranston’s automobile was arrested after allegedly bragging about it at a local bar. While the perp has been nabbed, the script remains at large. Spoiler alert: Bryan Cranston starts locking his car doors.

Link: Someone Stole One of the Final Breaking Bad Scripts from Bryan Cranston (The AV Club)

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Bieber, Justin – Shortly after arriving in Germany last week without the proper papers, the pop star’s monkey was quarantined. This is somehow not a euphemism.

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Link: Bieber’s Monkey (Fox News)

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Gummer, Mamie – Meryl Streep’s daughter Mamie Gummer and her husband, Ben Walker, are calling it quits after just two years of marriage. We know what you’re thinking: Meryl Streep has a daughter named Mamie Gummer?

Link: Gummer/Walker Done (People)

Hefner, Hugh – In an interview with Esquire magazine, the Playboy founder says he’s probably slept with over a thousand women but vehemently asserts that when he was married (he’s been married three times), he was committed and never strayed from his vows. Hef reportedly made it perfectly clear that when he was married, his wife was the only person whom Hefner paid ridiculous amounts of money to tell other people she was having sex with him.

Link: Hugh Hefner – “When I Was Married I Never Cheated” (Yahoo)

Leno, Jay – After rumors hit the web last week that 12:30 slotter Jimmy Fallon has been offered Leno’s Tonight Show, ousting the silver fox for the younger-skewing Fallon, Leno has resorted to bashing the network for the last several nights in his monologue, despite network insistence that he stop doing so. It really must suck to think you have The Tonight Show only to learn NBC has other plans, eh Jay? Man, really feel for ya. Hope it all works out.

Link: Leno Bashes NBC Amid Fallon Rumors (Newser)

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Mayer, John – The “Wonderland” singer says he had botox not for aesthetic reasons, but to fix issues with his throat. The procedure left him unable to speak for an extended period of time, with Mayer saying, “I probably had contiguously three, maybe four months of not saying a word. The endurance was tough for me, but I started a new life.” The sad ending to this story is that Mayer’s voice returned.

Link: Mayer’s Botox (Inquisitr)

The best reason to see this movie.
The best reason to see this movie.

McKellen, Ian – Magneto and Charles Xavier will put away their differences for one day when X-Men actor Ian McKellen will officiate his old pal and X-Men costar Patrick Stewart’s wedding to jazz singer Sunny Ozell. McKellen appeared on the UK’s Jonathan Ross Show to declare “I’m marrying Patrick,” a phrase which surely delighted thousands of X-Men slash fiction writers everywhere before the statement was sadly clarified for them.

Link: Ian Mckellen to Officiate Patrick Stewart’s Wedding (ABC News)

Pacino, Al – The decorated actor will play music magnate and convicted murderer Phil Spector in HBO’s upcoming biopic Phil Spector. Pacino agreed to the role in part because it would be challenging, but mostly because it would be the awesomest hair he’s ever had.

Link: Pacino as Spector (The Sun)

Pryor, Richard – Anyone waiting a couple decades for a Richard Pryor biopic should know about a new development. Director Bill Condon, who left the project for the last two Twilight films, has been replaced by Forest Whitaker. Those of you who thought the news was that Clay Aiken was going to play Pryor can now rest easy.

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Link: Pryor Pic Changes Again (Deadline)

Probably not playing Richard Pryor.
Probably not playing Richard Pryor.

Rock, The – Huffington Post writes that when a franchise needs a jolt of energy, it calls in Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: “The 40-year-old actor has become a savior of stale film series, injecting new life into Fast Five, The Mummy Returns, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and now G.I. Joe: Retaliation.” I’m going to let that sentence stand as its own joke.

Link: Rock Revives (Huffington Post)

Swinton, Tilda – Silly you; while you were presumably busy for the past few weeks, you’ve completely forgotten to check in on your pal actress Tilda Swinton. That’s why you’ll be happy to know that she’s been showing up unannounced to sleep in a glass case at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. If you need her, she can be found in the east wing as part of the only semi-popular installation Androgynous Ginger in Repose.

Link: Tilda Swinton’s Sleeping at MoMA Again Right Now (Gothamist)

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