Ironic Vision: Actors Plea for Lawyers


We’ve seen massive examples in film and on TV of actors playing roles as attorneys. We’ve read and watched real-life cases where lawyers have defended performers in the courtroom.

Actors Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani, Minister Ashwani Kumar

But creatives taking a group of lawyers’ plight to a political minister? Could be an international first.

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Two film actors and their director did just that today in New Delhi, where they met with India’s Minister of Law Ashwani Kumar to submit a three-point memorandum regarding problems faced by the country’s junior lawyers.

The team of upcoming film ‘Jolly LLB’-actors Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani, who play lawyers in the film, along with director Subhash Kapoor-wanted to represent the lawyers who they had met while making the film.

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The memorandum highlighted three problems – loans or credit cards denied to young lawyers due to lack of fixed income; need to define a minimum remuneration for them to survive; better amenities for beginners at courts including access to libraries.

The law minister responded positively, commenting:

I am deeply indebted to the distinguished actors of our country who have actually done a great service to the problem that we have been trying to solve. I will try my best as the law minister to do whatever it takes so that younger lawyers are groomed into becoming important actors in the legal fraternity. I really want to thank them for bringing these problems to our notice and we will try earnestly to look into them.