Company’s Marathon: All Shakespeare, All the Time


Shakespeare MarathonTo be, or not to be: that is not the question. The question is, Why not sign up to perform in a marathon reading of Shakespeare’s plays?

This April marks the New York City debut of Company’s Marathon, a back-to-back, around-the-clock reading of the bard’s plays. Writer and director Gordy Hoffman founded the event in Chicago in 1998; Los Angeles has also hosted the reading, but not New York… until now. This year, actor André Braugher determined the play order.

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Beginning at 7pm on April 16, and history-ing, tragedy-ing and comedy-ing until 10am on the 20th, Company’s Marathon 2013 will take place at the 4th Street Theatre (83 East 4th St.)-that’s East 4th Street, you know, like where Juliet is the sun.

Facing Page Productions is presenting the event, and they are inviting members of the Shakespeare-loving public to join professional actors and special guests as readers. You can find a web form to sign up for your role(s) here.

Tickets are free, and you can reserve seats here.

More details are available from Facing Page Productions or from their press release:

From 7pm on April 16 to 10am on April 20 at the 4th Street Theatre (83 East 4th Street), Facing Page Productions will present the New York debut of Company’s Marathon, the nonstop, back-to-back reading of Shakespeare’s canon founded in 1998 by Gordy Hoffman (brother of Philip Seymour Hoffman). Honoring the work of one of our greatest and most celebrated writers, each year, hundreds of actors, theater lovers and Shakespeare aficionados join in making this marathon a reality and special guest performers for the readings will be announced shortly.

Presented free to the public, this year, the order of Shakespeare’s plays will be selected by stage and screen actor André Braugher (Glory, Law & Order: SVU, Homicide: Life on the Street, ABC’s recent Last Resort) and members of the public are invited to sign up in advance at to take part in the readings as a performer alongside professional actors, making this marathon a truly unique interactive arts event.

Audience reservations will be made available in advance online and the day of at the theater.

Company’s Marathon 2013 will be produced by Facing Page Productions (Co-Producers Winnie Lok, currently PSM on Roundabout’s The Big Knife, previously PSM for Manhattan Theater Club’s Venus in Fur and An Enemy of the People, and Ryan McCurdy who works on the Broadway production of Once).

In 1994, Gordy Hoffman founded Company, a Chicago-based experimental workshop that explored the creation of original text through the use of the voice and body. Through it, he created Company’s Marathon. The first Company’s Marathon took place on the north side of Chicago in 1996 and was held in Los Angeles from 1998 through 2004.

Company’s Marathon 2013 will take place from 7pm on Tuesday, April 16 through Saturday, April 20 at 10am at the 4 th Street Theatre (83 East 4th Street) and will be offered free to the public who can sign up in advance for reservations at or show up at the door for day of reservations.

The public is also invited to sign up in advance at to take part in the readings as a performer.