“Love sought is good…”


You didn’t think CFR would leave you without a Happy Valentine’s treat, did ya? We’ve reviewed what the online arts crew has been offering about romance, and here’s some of the good stuff:

Phaidon is showing off “The Most Creative Couples in Art”:

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…if creativity can be a solitary struggle for expression then what price creativity when one’s partner is also striving for artistic excellence? Where does support, tolerance, compromise end and competition, maybe even rivalry begin?

Antony Gormley and Vicken Parsons, Gary Hume and Georgie Hopton, and Rem Koolhaas and Madelon Vriesendorp are among 10 couples creating a drawing, painting, sculpture or video together for a new show Sweethearts: Artist Couples, staged by the Pippy Houldsworth Gallery in London.

See the full article here.

Canova’s “Cupid and Psyche”

UK’s The Guardian has highlighted “Valentine’s Day: the best artworks about love – in pictures.” It covers a color slideshow including great works from Rodin to Rauschenberg. Take the tour here.

Huffington Post presents “Famous Art Couples: Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a Survey of Artists in Love.” Different folks than Phaidon‘s crew. Here you’ll see the likes of Picasso and Gilot, Stieglitz and O’Keeffe, Kandinsky and M√ºnter…you get the idea.

Renaissance Romance

Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History reviews “Art and Love in the Italian Renaissance.” Says Timeline:

The primary functions of the institution of marriage centered on the family and society, and love rarely entered into the equation. Yet the subjects of love, beauty, and attraction mesmerized Renaissance men and women.

Bet they will you, too. Look here.

How’s your liplocking? Need a guide to show you the romantic way to smooch? How about a teach-in from 1936, shared by brainpickings.org? It will direct you into how to handle lip size, and plant the big one with the Dancing Kiss and the Vacuum Kiss. How could you go wrong with “The Art of Kissing”? Find it here.

Okay, okay, we know that love doesn’t always run smooth. And we know artists show that. HuffPost knows that, too, and shows it in “Anti-Valentine’s Day Art: 10 Paintings to Make You Happy to Be Single.” Take the warning here.

What? You’re a video-game addict? Mom’s Minute is ready for you here with “Video Game Art for Valentine’s Day.”

You say you’re a passionate porn freak? Then you probably won’t care about this. Yet, if you’re interested in art history, you probably will caress Slate‘s “The World’s Oldest Pornography.” You’ll find the cave-walk orgy of stick figures here.

Happy Valentine’s, dear reader!