Entertation Index Feb. 11 – 22: Rappers Smokin’

Maybe the request read "should make $0 from future acting work."

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And so, the Entertation Index, Feb. 11 – 22:

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Brown, Chris – R&B suck-pop star and Rihanna assaulter Brown claims that he totaled his Porsche after being chased by paparazzi. You can admit to rooting for the paparazzi in this one.

Link: Brown Crashes (TMZ)

“Well, I never!”

Chainz, 2 – The Based on a T.R.U. Story rapper was arrested in Maryland recently on drug charges when officers detected a strong smell of “burnt marijuana” coming from his van. The entertainment world is still in shock, as this is only the 386,741st time that a rapper has been arrested on drug charges.

Link: 2 Chainz Arrested (Daily Mail)

Dogg, Snoop – The Doggystyle rapper surprised some audience members when he fired up a blunt on stage at The Roxy during a panel discussion before the Grammys. The other audience members were surprised that those people were surprised.

Link: Snoop Sparks (Huffington Post)

Maybe the request read "should make $0 from future acting work."
Maybe the request read “should make $0
from future acting work.”

Fraser, Brendan – Ex-wife Afton Smith disagrees with Fraser’s request to reduce his $900,000 annual child support due to his claims that he expects to make $0 from future acting work. In totally unrelated news, watch out for The Mummy 5-9.

Link: Brendan Balks (NY Post)

Gaga, Lady – Industry experts estimate that cancelling the rest of Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way Ball” tour will cost $25 million in ticket refunds. This is expected to trim Gaga’s net worth to only $1 zillion.

Link: Gaga Cancels (Billboard)

Gomez, Selena – The Spring Breakers actress is said to be devastated after hearing rumors of an affair between her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber and singer Rihanna while Gomez and the Biebs were dating. I guess Gomez didn’t listen to that time-tested advice about dating underage Canadian pop stars.

Link: Gomez v. Rihanna? (Hollywood Life)

Grant, Hugh – The headlines say, “Hugh Grant Welcomes Second Child.” It would mean something completely different if they said, “R. Kelly Welcomes Second Child.”

Link: Grant a Dad Again (Yahoo! News)

Jolie-Pitt, Vivienne – One of the six children of Brangelina will bring in $3000 a week playing a young version of Princess Aurora, better known as Sleeping Beauty, in 2014’s Maleficent. According to industry experts, Brad and Angelina’s next zygote is expected to command at least as much when it stars in any scene in the next sci-fi film that involves replicating alien cells.

Link: Vivienne Raking It In (L.A. Times)

Manilow, Barry – The Mandy singer is returning to Broadway after a 25-year hiatus, and in a short interview he reveals that one of his first Manhattan studios was so small that he had to sleep under his Steinway grand piano. The apartment was large enough, apparently, to house a Steinway grand piano.

Link: Barry Back on Broadway (Huffington Post)

Rossi, Gretchen – The Real Housewives of Orange County co-star successfully parried a retrial request from a man who lost a $500,000 to her in a 2010 lawsuit. Jay Photoglou attempted to have the case retried, claiming that the original verdict was not based on evidence, but on that fact that Rossi was “a beautiful actress and [Jay] is a used car salesman.” Note to used car salesmen: reality TV stars are still considered more trustworthy than you.

Link: Rossi Reigns (TMZ)

Underwood, Carrie and Swift, Taylor – According to an Us Weekly “exclusive,” country darlings Swift and Underwood apparently hate each other. Sources say that each despises the other’s unique style of bland, unoriginal, conformist, manufactured twang-pop.

Link: Underwood v. Swift? (Us Weekly)

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