Entertation Index Nov. 26-Dec. 7: The End Is Near!

Andrew W.K.
Bahrain! How y'all doin' tonight?

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And so, the Entertation Index, November 26-December 7:

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Adkins, Trace – The country singer drew criticism last week when he used a Confederate flag earpiece while performing for the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting. He explained that it wasn’t meant to offend, but to honor his Southern heritage. He also reportedly mentioned that after using failed earpieces in the past, this one was sure to “make the sound rise again.”

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Link: Adkins Flag Flak (Fox News)

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Aniston, Jennifer – According to reputable literary magazine The Star, former Friend Jennifer Aniston has advised a pal who has recently begun dating Braveheart star Mel Gibson to stop seeing the Aussie actor, fearing that it will only end badly for her. No word yet on how Aniston’s friend, Ruth Goldbaum, feels about it or how she plans to proceed.

Link: Mel Gibson Might Kill Jennifer Aniston (Celebslam)

Festival, Twitter Fiction – Attention would-be literary greats: yesterday saw the beginning of the first international Twitter Fiction Festival, in which participants around the globe tweet one line a day and which will feature live “tweet-ups” from the New York Public Library as the event continues. If you’re wondering how on earth cohesive and marketable literature can be created in the limited space of Twitter, bear in mind that the entire script of Kevin James’ Here Comes the Boom was less than 140 characters long.

Link: First Official Twitter Fiction Festival Begins (NY Times)

Freeman, Morgan – After narrating commercials, documentaries, and even material for the Obama campaign, Freeman has lent his voice to a Human Rights Council commercial for marriage equality. It is now official that Morgan Freeman has narrated every single creative endeavor on record. Seriously, go back and watch some old home movies. I bet he’s narrating them.

Matt Lauer
“Hey, Scarlett. If I said you had a great body, would you hold it against me?”

Link: Freeman Narrates HRC Ad (Advocate)

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Johansson, Scarlett – Suffering from a bout of laryngitis this week, jovial Today Show anchor Al Roker had sexpot actress Scarlett Johansson stand in for him to read the weather on Wednesday. A very excited Matt Lauer, believing that Scarlett Johansson had begun working at the Today show, immediately started hitting on her.

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Link: Scarlett Johansson Reads Weather on “Today” Show (EW)

Jones, Angus T. – After releasing a video this week in which Two and a Half Men star called the CBS sitcom “filth” and urged its viewers to stop watching it, actor Angus T. Jones (the “half” of the title grouping) has recanted his statement in a formal apology, praising CBS and the program’s showrunners. “To be fair,” Jones allegedly said in his statement, “a lot of the filth left with Charlie Sheen.” He then thought for a second and added, “but then, now that I think about it, a great deal of it came back with Ashton Kutcher. So I guess it is still pretty filthy.”

Link: “Two and a Half Men’s” Angus T. Jones Apologizes for Calling Show “Filth” (Washington Post)

Kelly, R. – The R&B singer is, apparently for real, writing a Trapped in the Closet book that will give the background to characters Rufus, Chuck, Sylvester, Pimp Lucius, Bridget, and Little Man. Think of this as Kelly’s Silmarillion to Trapped in the Closet‘s The Lord of the Rings. It makes total sense if you think about it.

Link: TITC As A Book (EW)

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PSY – As TIME Magazine asks viewers to weigh in on their selected candidates for the prestigious Person of the Year Award, forget brave diplomats or game-changing writers; how about silly K-pop star PSY, whose horsey dancing made us all laugh? I think we know what this means, everybody. THE MAYANS WERE RIGHT! OH, GOD THE MAYANS WERE RIGHT!

Link: Psy – Who Should Be TIME’s Person of the Year 2012? (TIME)

Sheen, Charlie – The Two and a Half Men star reportedly became such close friends with actress Lindsay Lohan on the set of Scary Movie 5 that he gave her a $100,000 check to help pay what she owes the IRS. Yes, “to help with a tax bill,” that will do…

Link: Sheen Helps LiLo (TMZ)

Andrew W.K.
Live from Bahrain, it’s…Andrew W.K.?

Spielberg, Steven – With Skyfall garnering critical acclaim, a bit of trivia: Spielberg admits that he was turned down when he asked to direct a James Bond film. Apparently the producers weren’t excited by a 007 script that involved everyone conquering their differences by recapturing the wonder and whimsy of childhood.

Link: Spielberg Spurned For Bond (Huffington Post)

W.K., Andrew – In a story apparently and surprisingly not from The Onion, singer Andrew W.K. has been appointed as a sort of “cultural ambassador of partying” to the Middle East by the US Department of State. Might there be an “acquired taste” issue for Bahranians to warm up to tunes like “It’s Time to Party,” “Party Hard,” and “Party til You Puke”? Please please let this be real.

Link: AWK in Bahrain? (Andrew W.K.)

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