Will You Make Obama and Congress Produce Change?


Einstein’s credited with defining insanity this way: repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result.

So here we are. Tuesday’s elections returned Barack Obama to the White House and kept control of the Senate in the Democrats’ hands and the House of Representatives in the Republicans’ grasp, and probably a more divided House.

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Of course, we realize we were damned if we did or damned if we didn’t in voting for Obama or Romney: two millionaires married to the military-industrial complex. And the only two candidates the corporate media let you hear in “debates.”

If you’d have heard the Third Party debates on an independent network you’d have discovered four candidates, from conservative to liberal, who didn’t agree with the two Big Guns on these issues: the economy, the Federal Reserve, student-loan debt, endless war, deadly drones killing innocents, and the National Defense Authorization Act-which allows your military to arrest anyone in the world, including Americans, and to imprison them without charge or trial. They also spoke of a growing police state at home, which the two Eye Spy Guys wouldn’t dare mention.

So the votes went to the two One-Percenters, with the less rich one winning again. But enough bitching about election reality. So where do we go from here in our own living reality?

Throughout this year, if you heard any independent investors (not Wall Street banksters) interviewed about the economy, they consistently weren’t impressed or even concerned that much with the presidential race. They’re concerned about the Federal Reserve‘s endless printing of money, which they see going to the banks while the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low, costing savers billions.

They also see this and the continually rising national debt eventually leading to a more catastrophic economic meltdown than the nation and world suffered in 2008. They don’t feel it’s something the Republican or Democratic presidential candidates, or Congress, or the Fed are willing to do anything about.

We saw Obama and Romney avoid or twist-from the two national political conventions through the Dynamic Duos’ “debates”-five vital issues they didn’t want to honestly face: water, food, energy, the military-industrial complex, and personal-and-economic health. Those vital issues will remain with us through the next four years, and we’ve included links to explain them. We review them here.

We have pointed out, and will continue to point out, that politicians are not leaders, they’re followers. It’s up to you to get organized, get educated and get active, so that you understand the vital issues’ significance, and so you can get politicians to follow your lead in bringing change. We also show the two ways you can directly take your government back…if you want to.