Entertation Index, Oct. 29-Nov. 9: Cusack Does Rush


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And so, the Entertation Index, October 29 – November 9:

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Baldwin, Alec – Actress Genevieve Sabourin denies stalking the 30 Rock star, saying her feelings for him were reciprocated. To prove it, she noted, “How come I know he’s got a scar… on his bikini line that is round?” Probably the same way that you would know that his alias is Jack Donaghy-he’s been on screen a lot. You might want to find a better explanation.

Link: Baldwin’s “Stalker” (NY Post)

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At least he’s already familiar with radio.

Cusack, John – Cusack’s New Crime Productions has confirmed that the actor is developing Rush, a film about conservative firebrand radio host Rush Limbaugh. Cusack may even be taking the titular role, but he’ll have to practice being a much bigger asshole if he hopes to nail the part.

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Link: Cusack Doing Rush Film (CBS News)

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Dawn, Breaking Twilight movie saga hearththrob Taylor Lautner stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno this week to talk about the final film of the series, the second part of Breaking Dawn, and confirmed that there would be a “twist” at the end of the tween movie. Spoiler alert! That “twist” is that after you’ve watched the film, you look in your wallet and realize you’re suddenly sixty dollars poorer than you were in 2008 with virtually nothing to show for it.

Link: Taylor Lautner Promises a Surprise “Twist” Ending for Final Twilight Film (HuffPo)

Goldblum, Jeff – A woman who has allegedly been stalking Goldblum for 10 years, and who has a 3-year restraining order against her, was arrested when she showed up at one of the actor’s recent plays. The judge set her bail at $5000 after considering a higher amount but then thinking, “c’mon-we’re talking Jeff Goldblum.”

Link: Goldblum’s Stalker (TMZ)

Kardashian, Kim – The reality TV star is denying rumors of a “sequel” to her infamous sex tape, which helped catapult her to fame and fortune. Her rep stated, “There is no truth to this and there’s no tape,” but then supposedly continued, “unless people start to forget about Kim and she needs a little boost. Then I’m sure we can come up with one.”

Link: Kim Says No Sequel (HollyScoop)

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Ke$ha – As the “Tik Tok” diva preps her next album Warrior for the public, she told reporters that working with ex-Stooges frontman Iggy Pop on a track was “the best day of her life.” Sources close to the singer can confirm this, though they say it only narrowly beat out the day that Southern Comfort truck overturned in front of the singer’s house and “that magical night down at the wharf during Fleet Week.”

Link: The Best Day of Ke$ha’s Life (HuffPo)

Lohan, Lindsay – After almost two years of tabloid rebuttals, scandal spin, and conflict with other Lohans, Steve Honig is resigning as Lindsay Lohan’s publicist. Good luck, Steve. Dirty Jobs should be calling soon.

Link: Lohan’s Right-Hand Man Scrams (E! Online)

Lucasfilm – This week saw a transaction which chilled Star Wars fanboys to the very bone: George Lucas sold Lucasfilm and its properties to Disney, who announced that more films would be on the way. Disney reps say that while the company is excited to finally have the side project of Lucas’ Star Wars empire, the company’s main motivation all along was simply to garner the rights to the American Grafitti franchise.

Fake Eyelashes
Bullshit! Those aren’t real!

Link: Disney to Acquire Lucasfiilm for $4.05 Billion (LA Times)

Portman, Natalie – The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned a digitally retouched Christian Dior mascara ad for, essentially, false advertising. The ASA said that Dior’s claims of “‘lash-multiplying effect volume and care mascara,’ had ‘… an unrivalled lash creator effect’ and ‘delivers spectacular volume-multiplying effect, lash by lash’, in conjunction with the image of Natalie Portman’s eyelashes, ‘would be understood to mean that the mascara could lengthen the lashes, as well as separate them, increase their thickness and volume, and generally enhance lash appearance.'” So, yes, irony abounds when a makeup ad is banned for false advertising.

Link: Beautiful Girl (Yahoo)

Swift, Taylor – Pop-country darling swift recently split with Kennedy family scion Conor after a summer fling. Swift loves to sing about her exes, so get ready, Kennedy family, cuz you have no idea how bad things can…oh.

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Link: Swift Splits (NY Daily News)

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