The Fog of Foreign Policy


First, I’ll ignore the fact that the lame-stream media has covered the Libyan TERROR attacks with the enthusiasm of a drug addict being forced into rehab. Kicking, screaming and in complete denial that there is anything wrong with their feel good drug of choice, President Obama and his re-election campaign.

I could spend the next 5 minutes of your time listing all the ways in which the liberal media took weeks to get on the bandwagon and start questioning the Obama administration on its failures of security that so obviously led to the murder of Libyan ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans, including the obvious cover up and video blame game, but I won’t. I believe those of you paying attention to ALL the news outlets have already been following the State Departments’ breadcrumb laden trail of inadequacy and deceit with incredulous bewilderment. And those readers who are taking a ‘wait and see’ attitude on Benghazi-gate and believe this is just a political ruse concocted by the Republicans to make Obama look bad in the weeks before the election are just as delusional as Hillary Clinton is to think she will ever become the first female President of the United States after this.

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Secondly, Mr President, to use your high and mighty quote from the 3rd debate – I’M OFFENDED, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE OFFENDED.

Obama and Jon Stewart

Offended at you for not taking a leadership role. There has been almost two months of contradicting stories – all emanating from your own administration. Back and forth, forth and back. It’s ping pong on steroids – ENOUGH! Stop stonewalling the American people Mr President, and finally set the record straight. Stop going to Las Vegas, The View, Jon Stewart, MTV…..and start answering some damn questions already. Does David Axelrod have that much control over you? Because the only conclusion I can come up with is that if you and your administration within hours knew it was a terror attack, on 9/11 no less, watched it in real time while receiving over 300 internal emails referring to an Al Qaeda affiliated group as responsible…..only someone who didn’t know any better – like a campaign strategist – could have come up with the ridiculous youtube video story and actually think it would pass the smell test. Again, who is playing politics with foreign policy and American lives?

I’m offended, Mr President, that the death of a U.S. Ambassador, the first in 30 years, as well three other men (2-ex Navy Seals and a Computer Specialist) has not sparked blatant outrage throughout the country. These men gave their lives working tirelessly to promote and defend freedom. Of course I blame the mainstream media ( I know I’m sort of back to number #1 but it is so maddening). Like CNN news anchor Carol Costello who just this past week actually questioned whether the Libyan attack should even be a campaign issue. HELLO?? Have you heard of national security, uhh you know the national security that includes embassies and consulates which are on our sovereign land? What a DumbA**. (See video here.)

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Again, I can only conclude that because the mainstream media does not find this issue of utmost importance, unless you are a news junkie, the average American will not hear much about it, thus a pot of what should be boiling outrage is still only a quiet simmer. The liberal media is not only the drug addict but also the family who denies it’s even happening.

The Daily Show You Should have Attended

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I’m offended, Mr President, that since the day you were sworn into office, you have attended only 43% of your daily security briefings (38% in 2012). Ironically, attending none of them the week leading up to this 9/11. When the largest threat facing our national security is terrorism, and the eye of the storm so to speak is the Middle east which is a burning inferno most of the time. Please tell me again why there is no public outrage over this? How can the drug addict Obama lackeys continue to rationalize it as no problem? Thought bubble of typical liberal: “He gets a written report everyday, I believe that’s enough proof right there. I hate Dick Cheney ” My answer: “And you know that a written security report is enough because you’ve recently been President of the United States?”

Not to minimize the loss of life and pain of the families, but do you know the value of the years of training and experience these men brought to the table? Do you know how much time, training and cost it is to produce the best of the best? 75 years plus worth of experience in total lost in Libya, irreplaceable out in the field, all to further a political agenda of what the State Department has called “normalization.” Or what others may call “delusional denial.”

I guess you’re so sure Obama NOT attending his daily briefings had NO BEARING on the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans? Are you willing to bet your life on it? Because our Commander in Chief sure bet theirs.

Which brings me to my final offense, at least for this article.

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I am offended, Mr President, that your idea of peace is through weakness and our brave men and women are just the casualties in your fog of foreign policy. How many more ambassadors and diplomats are out in the field being denied their requests for more security? How many soldiers or intel agents are put in harms way, because we don’t want to offend others? I can think of at least 30 thousand of them right now in Afghanistan – Green on Blue anyone? (my last article if you missed it) How many more Americans are on missions in Islamic countries we don’t even know about? Nations where, as international reporter Lara Logan tried to tell us (before she was accused of being damaged goods), “al Qaeda is on the rise.” Sorry, Mr President. Have we thought about the private contractors who the government hires as security, who are not afforded the luxury of dying with the protections and honor of the U.S. military.? And lastly, who’s looking out for the foreign nationals who are helping those ambassadors, spooks, soldiers and contractors, what about their lives? How many of those have we thrown under the bus due to our “normalization” efforts?

“The world doesn’t hate Americans…they just hate our foreign policy” – Really?

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I read this statement on a random blog, I am mentioning it here because I believe this pretty much represents the collective thoughts of the typical liberal and our current President. I think my more liberal readers (educated egalitarians) will think YES that’s it exactly and my more conservative readers (football & guns & beer crowd, lol) will be disgusted. It represents the divide between two completely different philosophies on foreign policy. Here it is; an excerpt from the homage to President Obama’s apology tour.

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“They hate that we allow our government to invade, occupy, and wage war on countries over natural resources and strategic locations. They hate that our military bombs innocent civilians and then claims it was unintentional and “collateral damage” – and that we should therefore be exonerated from guilt. They hate that our government stands by and watches mass murder, human rights abuses, and even genocide if the autocrats perpetrating crimes against humanity are helping assure American economic interests. They hate that our government seems to value white, Judeo-Christian lives over others…… How long will people continue to forgive us for letting our government to run the world like an empire?”

President Obama has confused the playing field by treating our enemies like friends, and our friends like enemies. What exactly IS your foreign policy? No matter how many times you tout “Osama is Dead,” that’s not policy. The defeat of Al Qeada is NOT within reach. Just because you repeat these phrases over and over does not make them true. It’s almost as if what’s happening around the world doesn’t fit your campaign narrative, its not reality. So President Obama, how’s that working for you?

The choice is clear. Our foreign policy needs to exude Peace through STRENGTH. See the thing is, you can’t end the War on Terror if the terrorists don’t want to. Let’s stop sitting around waiting for the next terror attack, and then say ‘well these things are bound to happen.’ The idea is to prevent and protect. Prevent with intel and boots on the ground The fact that it took 12 days for the FBI to even get to the compound and investigate shows the only intel they had in Benghazi was Ambassador Stevens and his small staff. Then make sure those boots have enough protection to safely do their jobs. The British embassy closed shop weeks earlier, the Red Cross took off because of a deteriorating situation, but somehow our government decided to pull out an entire security team while al Qaeda flags flew over government buildings there. A seven hour planned attack, special forces backup only an hour away, yet no one came, not even a fly over to show a threat of force. Ambassador Stevens lay dying in a safe room waiting for his rescue, and no one came. Who’s decision was that Mr President? Because your own CIA Director says it was not his decision to leave his fellow Americans in the fog of war. Our ambassador, his staff, military contractors, and their families deserve better- we all deserve better than that. – LC

Both ex-Navy Seals were shot dead in the 6th hour of the attack. One of the ex-Navy Seals, left behind a wife and 3 month old son. When he was told to stand down by his superiors, he went anyway. Some may say foolish, others, like me, believe hero. To donate and for more info: Ty Woods Memorial Fund.