Rep. Paul Ryan’s Math Class: Lesson 1

Not even this much?
Paul Ryan
Not even this much?

I dont have the time to listen to your lies, Rep. Ryan. Actually, I do have the time. And so should you. Does this video clip offend you? Is this worse than a lie? Isn’t it fundamentally unpatriotic to refuse to be clear with the American people?

Oh, and by the way, Rep. Ryan is right about something: Washington has “junked up” the tax code with a lot of loopholes that don’t broaden the tax base. One loophole is that hedge funds pay a lower tax rate than you or I. Another loophole is that you can shield your money, like Mitt Romney does, in tax-evasive offshore accounts and thereby pay a lower overall rate.

So what loopholes do you want to get rid of, Rep. Ryan?

Oh, wait, you don’t have time to go into the math.