A New Sheriff is Coming to Town


After crushing Obama in last week’s debate, Romney doubles down on his bid for the presidency by giving a well timed speech on foreign policy. Just what his supporters have been itching for. The question is – are the undecided voters ready for the winds of change to blow into town and restore the United States as the supreme leaders of the world? Maybe those undecideds only care about the economy, which luckily is still in the GOP’s favor as the President continues to be tongue tied when pressed to defend his record of ‘status quo + $6 trillion and the former Massachusetts Governor has a past history of uniting both sides of the political aisle.

Analysts say foreign policy usually does not decide an election, but a dead U.S. Ambassador and a cover up that is blowing up might be the nail in the coffin that will end this election for good. The Romney camp has undoubtedly sensed the shift, which is why they (brilliantly I say) put Romney on the stage this week, before the Vice Presidential debate on Thursday, to address the failure of Obama’s non-existent foreign policy while the momentum is still hot and the national polls swing in his favor. And address it he did.

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Romney laid out a complete plan for American exceptionalism moving into the 21st century, contrasting point by point his vision against what seemed a never ending list of failed choices from President Obama’s administration. And most importantly he did it with clarity and command. From Obama’s silence during the Iranian bloody uprising in 2009 to the thousands of people being slaughtered by Syrias despot president; to the predetermined withdrawal of troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to the premature conclusion that al Qaeda is no longer a threat because Usama bin Laden is dead, Romney was like a bull rider who couldn’t be thrown off his game.

The Republican candidate was able to explain the details, yet still talk about the big picture, simply pinpointing the plight of the middle east as “a struggle between liberty and tyranny, justice and oppression, hope and despair.” He praised this time as a historic opportunity to change course in the middle east, where America is not weak and passive, but a leader of strength. Explaining that we should,”shape destiny and not lead from behind.” He vowed if elected that no enemy would doubt our resolve, no friend would doubt our solidarity, and no ally would doubt our ability to back up our words.” Turning Obama’s catch phrase into mincemeat, he told his rapt audience, “Hope is not a strategy,”

And I say thank goodness, because for the second time in less than a week, Romney got to show his true colors without the liberal media trying to blacken out his existence. Put in their place by the President’s poor performance, it seems even they stopped giddily re-RE-hashing the 47% Romney gaff (although the bloggers can’t give it up, yet ironically the video of Obama race baiting during a 2007 speech while sporting a preacher-like southern accent is never even mentioned among liberal media) and actually started paying attention to real news – suddenly acknowledging the Lybia terror attack which ultimately cost the lives of four Americans on 9/11.

Shoot First, Aim Later

Romney’s foreign policy speech at VMI. (AP)

So I am assuming everyone is over the Packers game at this point? Good let’s move on. The Lybia cover up is starting to unravel just 29 days before the election and even though Obama and his camp would like it to stay dead and buried until after the election, it looks like the cat is out of the bag, or at least scratching to get out at this point. This video of Obama on CBS’s 60 minutes slamming Romney, along with most of the lame media, for his comments soon after the attack. Romney accused the Obama administration of apologizing for U.S. values (which they did). And in case you are lazy here’s Obama’s comments word for word.


There’s a broader lesson to be learned here, as president I’ve learned you can’t do that, its important that you make sure the statements you make are backed up by the facts and you’ve thought through the ramifications before you make them.


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Was it irresponsible?


I’ll let the American people judge that.

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This is from a President who knew on September 12th that the murder of Ambassador Stevens and the attack on the consulate was a well thought out and complex plan launched by an Al-Qaeda affiliate – NOT one of a spontaneous protest over an anti-Muslim video released 3 months earlier. Yet the administration still sent out a lackey UN ambassador Susan Rice to blatantly lie to the American people on not one but all Sunday news talk shows and claim it was a “spontaneous attack.” Then after a news organization is on the scene 12 days before us, we learn the ambassador was fearful of his life, the consulate had been attacked 2 times earlier, the British closed their embassy because of security reasons, and now this week a paper trail proving that the requests for security to the ghost town State Department were repeatedly denied.

A Policy of Tumbleweeds

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Gas Prices In California Monday, Oct. 8, 2012.

Someone is going down for this complete abject security failure and following cover up. That’s besides the bungling commercial airwave apology for free speech that the administration dispatched within days to the region, and of course arresting and jailing the filmmaker for freedom of expression. Did that quelch the bloodthirsty savages? No, of course not. In fact our signs of pandering and weakness only galvanized the radicals into the administration’s turrets syndrome of “spontaneous riots” Go figure. Either way someone is going down, and it looks like besides Hillary’s dream of a 2016 White House run, its’ going to be President Obama and the Nov 6th election.

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Maybe then Obama will finally abandon his naive view that with more understanding and love the radical Muslims will leave us alone. That the past four years have only made us look weak in the eyes of a world population that is taught to respect only power and potency. The war on terror will not be over until the terrorists, not you Mr. President, say it’s over.

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President Obama’s apology tour needs to end. I’m sick of hearing our Commander in Chief apologize for the greatness of America and tout his belief to the middle east that he understands their hatred of the U.S. because of our evil capitalist ways. So evil that he’s trying to take us down a peg in the eyes of the world, promote his “nanny state” ideology that everyone deserves a fair share in Obamaland and he’s the one to give it to you.

But first we have to be more like Europe, more in debt, more reliant on government assistance, and more pissed off at the rich white man. Then we will feel so hopeless, we won’t even try to fight the inevitable. Won’t even bat an eye at 14 percent unemployment, 40 million on food stamps, and let’s not forget that $5.99 per gallon gas at the pump. It will become the norm. Then when the government goes broke because they take in less money than it costs to take care of the population, when we owe so much to China they start to take over our communications systems, when Israel is finally blown off the map by Iran with nuclear weapons, and when our courts start implementing Americanized versions of Sharia law; that’s when we’ll start rioting in the streets like they’re doing in Spain and Greece, destroying the last remnants of the prosperous life we once had. Nah, it could never happen. Are you sure? Cause it’s happening elsewhere. Where would you go to escape? America, the land of opportunity?