‘Peter and the Starcatcher’: A Pair of Pixie-Ish Promotions

Saldivar in Starcatcher
Giving some lip: Matthew Saldivar as Black Stache in Peter and the Starcatcher Photo by Joan Marcus
Saldivar in Starcatcher
Giving some lip: Matthew Saldivar as
Black Stache in Peter and the Starcatcher
Photo by Joan Marcus

Peter and the Starcatcher is one of those rare Broadway shows that grabs its audience’s imagination by the throat, gut and soul and refuses to release its grip — with the happy result that you don’t choke, you swoon. (When you’re at an intensely theatrical adaptation of a Peter Pan prequel by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, as written by Rick Elice and co-directed by Roger Rees and Alex Timbers, why would you expect otherwise?)

But Starcatcher, which captured five Tonys last June (four for technical, one for performance), has a challenge that any theatre veteran will tell you is easy for foresee: a new Broadway and Off-Broadway season is starting up, and buzz is growing about all the shows set or rumored to arrive on the boards between now and the 2013 Tonys next June, and even although Starcatcher is doing reasonably well at the box-office, this is the time of year when buzz about the play could fade from Broadway-minded ears — that is, unless something is done to keep the buzz a-buzzin’. In other words, this is the time of year when smart marketing people get to be the colorful peacocks they are. And so Starcatcher, which proves that audiences want their imaginations whisked off into dreams and landscapes far from their own, is embarking on two promotions channeling that Neverland spirit.

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Courtesy of a press release from the folks over at O&M Co., the first promotion is called “The Thing You Did.” Openly inspired by the remarks of First Lady Michelle Obama at the recently concluded Democratic National Convention, members of the public are invited to “share a personal story of a time in their life when someone reached back to help them achieve a goal, or a time when they reached back to help someone else achieve theirs.” Stories will be selected to be told onstage by the cast after specific performances during November.

Here are the deets:

Submissions should be in the form of a written essay, no longer than 1,500 words. An essay will be chosen by the company to be read aloud, onstage, by the cast members of Peter and the Starcatcher immediately following Wednesday evening shows in November. The authors of the selected submissions will be given six tickets for his/her family and friends to attend the designated performance at which their story will be told onstage. All entries should be submitted to PeterStory@321mgt.com by October 12, 2012.

The second promotion is happening first and while we hope we don’t sound like we’re shilling, it does seem like pixie-dust fun.

Peter Stache DayOn Wed., Sept. 19, Peter and the Starcatcher will “take over” (those are cute marketing words, not ours) International Talk Like a Pirate Day with an event called Stache Day. (If you’re unfamiliar with the character of Black Stache, visit Starcatcher‘s website, fool, or buy a ticket for the show, hello?) Anyway, the first 100 people to line up at the box office at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre (256 W. 47th St.) by 10am on that day “wearing their best moustaches” (real or fake) will receive a free ticket to the 7pm performance that evening.

And, according to Playbill.com, Barry, Pearson and Matthew Saldivar, who currently portrays Black Stache, will pick the three best mustaches from the line and give each of those folks two ducats and backstage tour. (Talk about a hairy situation. And yes, you crazy fans of Groucho Marx, even you can participate, too.)

To learn more about Stache Day, click here, here and here. (Clearly, whenever there is a revival of the Edward Albee play The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia? there will have to be some promotion for International Goatee Day, which does not yet exist, although this event comes closest. and Dick van Dyke will have to be the primary spokesperson.)

Finally, for those of you who are social media-inclined, Starcatcher‘s Twitter handle is @starcatcherbway. Follow the show to Neverland. You never know, they may well follow back.