Can I Get Some Freedom Fries with That Chick-fil-A?


So with the first day of school already in process for many local communities, it seems the ChickfilA controversy will stay unwrapped in the months to come. From Jim Henson’s muppet recall to yet another politically demented gunman caught totin’ over two dozen Chick-fil-A sandwiches in his backpack, it’s easily become the fastest fast food story of the year, even heading all the way up to the oval office.

In June, staffers at Obama for America spent….wait for it….. a whole $62 at a Chick-fil-A in Atlanta (blasphemy I tell you) and now even the GOP 2012 ticket can’t help but weigh in on the homosexually charged chicken kerfuffle. Staying true to their reputation of being part of the 1%, Romney staffers were seen outspending the Obama camp at the fry joint by a whopping $438 bucks and VP nom Paul Ryan’s latest word play slogan is “Chick-fil-A = good chicken = free speech.”

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For those who need the backstory….gay rights advocates, political officials and other loud people have called for a boycott of the chain after CEO Dan Cathy was quoted in a biblical newspaper and then clarified his stance on radio that he (not his company) supported “the traditional definition of marriage.” What’s a country to do? Oh, I don’t know how about refreshing themselves on the U.S. Constitution, focusing on those tricky first few amendment rights, you know the ones that include Freedom of Religion and Speech?

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Whether you agree or not with same sex marriage equality, it’s a fact that many religions and religious groups across the U.S. do not support gay marriage – for example Prop 8 was voted down in California by a majority of African American communities – where was the cry of racism there? Oh, that’s right pacify the base so you can win elections. Here we go again…Liberals know what’s right and what’s best for you and you’d better listen or else…they’ll try and close down your business??? Since when does forcing your belief system on another become the new thing in the liberal community? Oh wait, it’s not new…”Health Care cleanup on aisle five please!”

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Market This

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If they “had it they’re way,” the Mayors of Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C. and peace-loving San Francisco, along with New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, it would only be Micky D’s, and Chick-fil-A would be run out of town. Since when has there been a litmus test for buying fast food?

Quinn, who’s blatantly gearing up to run for New York City Mayor, is obviously learning to wrest control of the people from current NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. After hearing about the CEO’s comment, Quinn immediately ran to her typewriter (ok- an exaggeration) and sent a letter to the president of New York University asking him to evict Chick-fil-A from the school’s campus. First a ban on 7-11’s Big Gulp, and now this? Even the kids at NYU have more sense and students actually voted to KEEP the fast food restaurant there in the name of free speech. Quinn eventually backtracked, as the other Mayors were forced to, but the fact that the request was sent on official letterhead is hard to swallow. I mean at least if you are going to try and ban Chick-fil-A from a college campus, follow Hizzoner and do it for their health Johnny, do it for their health.

Here’s the scoop on the most recent back to school flap created by a Huffington Post blogger just a few days ago. It seems on this coming Labor Day, a number of college football teams, will be playing in the ESPN televised Chick-fil-A bowl and season kick off games of the Atlantic and Southeast conferences. The games themselves are sponsored by Chick-fil-A and players/coaches not only wear the logo on their uniforms, but they apparently appear all over the stadium. In the scathing article, the blogger pretty much calls for the complete destruction of the Chick-fil-A sponsorship and that ESPN network refuse to air the games. Besides a measly petition on it looks like the games will air, especially since ESPN already aired the Chick-fil-A sponsored golf challege on Aug 2 and we know sports equal big bucks. No word yet if the players and coaches will be forced to trade their clothing in for new duds or be allowed to wear them with free market pride.

I have no problem when people try and change laws and policy through activism and education, as long as its not a form of bullying on any level. And speaking of changing laws and the presidential election, here’s one change you may not have known about. It seems all of the volunteers canvassing neighborhoods for the Obama campaign will receive a list of every person in that community. Their name, address AND political affiliation. Why don’t we make it easier and just start putting red and green dots on mailboxes to delineate their political party. And if you’re against same sex marriage, how about writing an H+ or an H- on your mailbox to make it easier. Then we can be sure to ban our federal employees from delivering mail directly to people who don’t believe in gay marriage. Ok, I’m getting ridiculous, but can we say abuse of power? If your religion does not sanction gay marriage should you expect to become the next group of persecuted peoples?

Jobs for Chickens and Everyone!

So here is some good news if you love Chick-Fil-A and hate the current economic conditions. There is no evidence that the $4 billion dollar a year chain discriminates, and it seems Chick-fil-A hires, fires and serves all sexual orientations. There are over 1600 locations around the country, 17 restaurants opening in the past 2 months, and another 14 to open through October, including one in San Francisco to boot. Some of that growth may even be attributed to the ChickfilA Appreciation Day, led by Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee on August 1, where the company set a oneday sales record. The counter National Same Sex Kissing Day, not so much.

If people are offended by a company or do not agree with their philosophy then they will choose not to shop there. The magic word here is CHOOSE. Freedom of choice. You’ve heard of that right? Remember Freedom Fries, The Body Shop, the Dixie Chicks, Paris Hilton eating a Big Bobs hamburger half naked. I’ll bet some folks bought more hamburgers, some bought less. Hey, even I refuse to buy Ben and Jerry’s ice cream when I’m feeling randy against the left. But its MY choice and no one elses. Let the free market determine the success or failure of a business. If that many people oppose Chick-fil-A, they will eventually shutter, but it should happen naturally without government control.

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God (yes, I am interjecting a religious phrase, I must be a crazy right wing extremist) some people just can’t stand the idea of the ‘wants and needs’ of a local population determining the outcome of the market place. Get a grip, people; its a chicken sandwich, and I hate to say it but if you’ve never been to Chick-fil-A, it’s not so great – kind of rubbery. To tell the truth, after checking out the Chick-fil-A website, I am way more offended by the visuals of their cow campaign “Eat Mor Chikin.” Eeew!, just seems wrong. Where’s PETA when you need them? Oh yeah, they’re probably in Hollywood schmoozing on the Democratic fundraising circuit with the Kardashians. Now if we can only solve Nathans french fry debacle.

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(Full Disclosure: NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, by the way, happens to be gay although as an elected government official, her sexual orientation should not matter. But I list it here for the folks who either don’t know or will think I didn’t know and then accuse me of being stupid.)