Entertation Index, August 20-31: Hair vs. Pants


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And so, the Entertation Index, August 20-31:

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Bieber, Justin – The pop star caught his first Phish show a couple weeks ago with girlfriend Selena Gomez at Long Beach Arena. During the first set, he and Gomez turned 21 and had their first alcoholic drink (ha!), then got married and had kids during the second set. It was a beautiful ceremony, and they have a truly wonderful family.

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Justin Bieber beard
The Biebs after his first Phish show

Link: Biebs at Phish (Hollywood Reporter)

Bizkit, Limp – Frontman Fred Durst said that his band has pretty much given up on America: “We don’t play back home. We’ve boycotted America for many years now…The reason? We just don’t know what’s going on in America. It’s all about the new catchy thing and that’s always changing. America is driven by record sales. It’s the home of corporations.” Fred Durst actually said this, in all seriousness and without irony.

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Link: Bizkit Burnt (NME)

Conrad, Lauren – Former The Hills star Lauren Conrad is under fire from bibliophiles this week after a recent video in which she instructed viewers how to cut the spines off of books in order to construct a decorative box from them. When pointed out why everyone’s so upset, Conrad’s eyes lit up; “Oh, those are books?” she allegedly asked, adding “That’s so crazy, seems like I see those things everywhere.”

Link: Lauren Conrad Faces Huge Backlash for Destroying Books in Craft Project Video (Huffington Post)

Duran Duran – The 80s pop/rock band canceled last weekend’s show in Atlantic City when keyboardist Nick Rhodes was advised by his doctors not to perform. Initial reports say the cancelation was due to exhaustion, also known in 80s-band circles as “getting older.”

Link: Duran Duran Cancels (Rolling Stone)

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Harry, Prince – Rosa Monckton, a close friend of the prince’s mother, defended him in his nude-picture controversy: “He is absolutely entitled to a private life. He has a full-time job and he is a full-time serving member of the armed forces. They all need to let their hair down.” Harry originally misheard “hair” as “pants.”

Link: Harry Sorry (People)

Journey – The “Any Way You Want It” band is reportedly receiving $500,000 to play at a fundraiser in Tampa this week. The Romney camp, basing its campaign largely on a message of fiscal discipline, has denied this, asking that his supporters don’t start believin’.

Link: Journey Plays Romney? (TMZ)

Minaj, Nicki – In a press announcement by the FOX Network earlier this week, it’s now official that – in addition to Randy Jackson and new judge Mariah Carey – hip-hop superstar Nicki Minaj will be filling the third judge’s seat on the hit American Idol. Well…technically, Minaj will be filling the third, fourth and fifth seats.

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Link: Nicki Minaj Joins Mariah Carey as New American Idol Judge (US Weekly)

Morello, Tom – The Rage Against the Machine guitarist reacted angrily when informed that Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was a big fan: “Paul Ryan’s love of Rage Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades.” This is the strangest pairing since David Duke professed his love for N.W.A.

Link: Ryan Loves Rage (NY Daily News)

Nelson, Willie – Famed country singer Willie Nelson is recovering well after he was forced to cancel a charity concert in Colorado after suffering from “altitude problems” stemming from breathing difficulty on an airplane trip to the destination. The cancelation, it should be noted, is only one of the handful of shows during Nelson’s career that he’s had to cancel after getting too high.

Link: Willie Nelson is “Fine” After Canceling a Show (NY Times)

Perry, Katy – The Firework singer reportedly has turned down an offer of $20 million to appear as a judge for one season of American Idol. With Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez leaving, Randy Jackson becoming a mentor instead of a judge, Nicki Minaj unconfirmed, and only Mariah Carey officially signing yet (for $18 million!), this shows that-somehow-nobody wants to get paid a zillion dollars to work for one year.

Link: Perry Passes on Idol (Us Magazine)

The baby will be bottle-fed.

Pornography – After a male performer was diagnosed with syphilis, which can be fatal, the entire porn industry shut down this week as performers were re-tested for the sexually transmitted disease. This break in production marks the first time the porn studios have shut down since the infamous headache outbreak of 2007.

Link: Syphilis Outbreak Suspends Porn Production (CNBC)

Snooki – The Jersey Shore star gave birth yesterday to a baby boy, Lorenzo Dominic LaValle. Little Lorenzo is doing well, and is expected to drain his first bottle of margarita as soon as he arrives home.

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Link: Snooki A Mom (MTV)

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