Hipsters in Love: “InContact”


Ever wondered what happened to melodrama in Williamsburg? This is your chance to find out. “InContact” is a film that looks at the place where voyeurism and romance interact (hipsterville, natch). Here’s their trailer:

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Or you can just go to their reception and nosh. From the press release:

Pressler Collaborative invites you to join filmmaker Ann Oren and cast for a special preview screening of

a film by Ann Oren

part of Anthology Film Archives NewFilmmakers Series
view the trailer at www.InContactFilm.com

Wednesday June 27
Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue NYC

8:30pm Wine Reception //RSVP to InContactRSVP@gmail.com
9:45pm Screening // Tickets $6 at the door
Filmmaker Q&A led by Hrag Vartanian of Hyperallergic

InContact examines intimacy in our universal state of voyeurism, while evoking an age of lost romance and melodrama. Shot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the narrative follows two women with vastly different personalities caught in a love triangle that is constantly streamed through a live video feed on a social media platform called InContact. The film explores the ever-growing blurring of the lines between spectatorship and exhibitionism in our everyday lives, and what happens when the user is both a viewer and a performer. Restricted to a variety of unconventional filming techniques including cell phone cameras, security camera footage, and the fictitious platform InContact, the film offers the audience an unflinching look at what happens when our online personas begin to seep into our physical lives.