Two Deficit-Riddled Theaters Issuing SOS Calls (Plus Other Stuff)


More theaters, more deficits.

Atlanta’s distinguished Actor’s Express, for example, needs $200,000 to survive, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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Seattle’s Intiman Theatre, for another, needs $1 million — and the L.A. Times does a superb job explaining to readers what’ll happen otherwise if the money isn’t raised, and how the still-unfolding saga of the Pasadena Playhouse is both a role model and a guide for what and what not to do.

And it felt like time to do some Googling under “theater” and “deficit” and other search terms to try and aggregate anything else that popped up in one place. I didn’t find any crises, but some interesting facts, figures and reporting.

In Seattle, also, critic and reporter Misha Berson noted that Fifth Avenue Theatre ran a $1 million deficit last year and covered it with cash reserves to avoid incurring debt.

In south Florida, critic Bill Hirschman noted that Miami’s City Theatre “continues to nurse a $50,000 deficit.”

And in Ontario (there is a world north of the US border, you know), the Shaw Festival finished its last season, according to critic and reporter Richard Ouzounian with a deficit of $1.3 million “because of unmet fundraising targets.”

Should we draw any conclusions or inferences from these stories — which all ran since the start of the month of February?