Latest FringeTalk Episode, On Applications, Now on Line


I’ve been having a great time working with the New York International Fringe Festival — especially Producing Artistic Director Elena K. Holy and SMAC (or Social Media and Community) guru Ben Cohen — on a series of videos called FringeTalk.

These videos represent the next steps of a process that began last month with a live-streaming Town Hall — which, if you missed it, you can learn more about here.

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This particular FringeTalk video (below) deals with the application process, which is pretty straightforward, and the adjudication process, which is rigorous and nuanced, and I think the community should really give a listen to what Holy has to say.

Of course, what most people are really gabbing about is the fact that a couple of theater critics, given to explosions of hip-swiveling, holier-than-thou attitude on the subject of the artistic quality of the Fringe productions each August, are notably silent right now — unwilling, or maybe unable, to pose questions, offer opinions, or engage in discussion.

I guess it’s just easier to be intellectually disingenuous every August than to put one’s money where one’s big mouth is during the rest of the year.

Which in my view — and that’s my view, I’m not speaking for the Fringe at all — tells you a lot about these people.

Video below: