Happy Wedding, Kelsey. Oy.


I will admit that I have watched The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And I will admit that I grew to like those ladies, even if they didn’t seem to like themselves roughly half of the time (or each other the other half of the time, but that’s reality TV for ya). I think I would spend an afternoon or an evening with Lisa very happily — we might dish, sure, but we also might talk about business, about the trajectory of true love, about pets and about family (not necessarily in that order), about spirituality and about the paramount importance of remaining grounded.

But I’ll tell you something we wouldn’t talk about: Camille Grammer, or, far more to the point, Kelsey Grammer. There’s not enough alcohol in Lisa’s beautiful house to get me going on that hot mess.

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I wrote about Grammer on the CFR in April 2010 because I simply think his radical-right politics are detestable — and, sorry folks, but I believe he’s clearly a public figure and, as such, his politics are open to skewer.

And, sure, Grammer was great in the Broadway revival of La Cage aux Folles (which I also acknowledged in my post), but every time I hear about the man personally — especially given the less-than-honorable way in which he ditched his now ex-wife Camille and took up with, oy, what’s her name, Kayte Walsh? — I get sick to my gills. Enough already.

Here it is for me in a nutshell. You want to be a “fiscal conservative”? Fine. That’s more generally thought of as a GOP thing, although I personally don’t countenance the idea that Democrats aren’t good fiscal stewards — Democrats simply believe some government levers should be used to redress legal and social wrongs, whereas Republicans simply don’t give a crap about anything except the rich and “personal responsibility.”

Well, it’s the “personal responsibility” piece that leads most well-trained Republican eyes to the ceaseless moralizing of their leaders. So, in my view, and however Grammer might state otherwise, if you identify with “fiscal conservatism,” you are thereby aligning yourself with the same people who think it’s acceptable to shove morality down everyone’s throat. If all the Republicans were without sin, perhaps they’d have some credibility. What you really face, however, with Hollywood Republicans is the dippy likes of Grammer, who aligns himself with the GOP yet hurled his wife under the proverbial bus in order to land some younger chick. That’s not family values. That’s a man led by his penis. That’s offense to me.

Why all this? Because Grammer, says TMZ, will wed Walsh on the stage of Broadway’s Longacre Theatre. Feh. Just feh. I could note that the first production at the Longacre was a play, Are You a Crook?, back in 1913, but I would never want to be so lowdown and obvious.