Entertation Index, Dec. 6-10: Katy Perry Brand’s Brand Brand Brand


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The Entertation Index, Dec. 6-10:

Aguilera, Christina — The website Egotastic has pictures of the pop diva prancing around nude in front of her walk-in closet, apparently taken by an “anonymous friend” and suddenly popping up all over the internet. Uh oh, looks like Burlesque isn’t performing well at the box office — time for plan B. Thank God Anthony Hopkins’ people didn’t pull this same stunt after The Wolfman flopped.

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Link: Christina Aguilera Sexy Pictures Leaking Like a Sexy Sieve – (Egotastic – probably NSFW)

Blunt, EmilyThe Devil Wears Prada actress reveals that she now has a martini to “take the edge off” before showing up on the red carpet. Similarly, Charlie Sheen usually has 15 glasses of merlot before throwing up red on the carpet.

Link: Blunt On Red Carpet Prep (People)

Duhamel, Josh — The Transformers star was kicked off a flight from New York’s LaGuardia Airport over the weekend after he refused to turn off his Blackberry, causing the flight to turn around on the tarmac and return to the terminal, where Duhamel was removed from the plane. Nice going, flight attendants! Because of your stupid “rules,” Josh Duhamel was unreachable. And you know what that means: Channing Tatum probably got another movie. Nice going.

Link: Mr. Fergie Kicked Off Flight from LaGuardia (Gothamist)

Kardashian, Kim — New crunched numbers reveal that considering her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spin-offs, her numerous public appearances, her endorsement deals and her product line, Kim Kardashian is officially the highest paid reality star in Hollywood at $6 million in 2010 alone. For Kardashian, that’s literally a buttload of money.

Link: Kim Kardashian Highest Paid Reality TV Star of 2010 (NY Post)

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Lee, Tommy — The ex-Motley Crue drummer wrote a letter to SeaWorld president Terry Prather, castigating him for keeping orca Tilikum in captivity and using “sick and twisted” methods to obtain the whale’s sperm. When Tommy Lee calls you out for “sick and twisted” sexual practices, you may have a problem.

Link: Lee Lays into SeaWorld (Huffington Post)

Perry, Katy — The sexy and oft-skimpily clad singer told Ellen on Wednesday that after marrying dandy fop Russell Brand, she plans on changing her name from Katy Perry to Katy Brand, and is already in the process of doing so. This change means little to Perry’s publicists, press folk, agents and managers, who’ve been making money hand over fist on the Katy brand for a few years now.

Link: Katy Perry Changing Last Name (HuffPo)

Propaganda — As the Wikileaks investigation continues to turn up incredibly random items, Entertainment Weekly reports that one of the items leaked in a government cable details that American programming on Saudi media is “winning over Saudis in a way that…U.S. propaganda never could.” According to the document, shows like Friends, Desperate Housewives and The Late Show with David Letterman were particularly effective upon Middle Eastern audiences, while programming offerings like Gary Unmarried, Joey and According to Jim remained a large part of why they want to kill us.

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Link: State Department Memo Says “Friends,” Desperate Housewives” and “Michael Clayton” More Effective than Propaganda (EW)

Stern, Howard — The famous radio personality responded to his boss’s suggestion that he agree to reduced pay by saying, “I am not taking a f—ing pay-cut. Why would I have to take a pay-cut?” Take heart, Stern fans. If Howard does leave the air, you can listen to the same commentary by hanging out at a college bar about an hour before last call.

Link: Stern Refuses Pay Cut (EW)

Valentine, Blue — The upcoming Ryan Gosling-Michelle Williams film won an appeal to change its rating from NC-17 to R. A graphic scene in which Williams receives oral sex from Ryan Gosling is thought to have been the basis of the MPAA’s original rating, though the agency didn’t have a problem with a similar oral sex scene between Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in Black Swan. As is usual with these ratings debacles, the MPAA completely muffed it.

Link: Ratings Change (Deadline)

Waters, John — As always, British talk shows make for odd bedfellows. Want proof? How about a photo of brilliant trash-artfilm director John Waters with tween pop sensation Justin Bieber. Apparently, during the show Bieber turned to Waters and quipped “Your ‘stache is the jam.” While Waters took the comment in good humor, later that night Bieber was inexplicably jumped by two 450-pound transvestites who forced him to eat dog food.

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Link: Relive the Moment Justin Bieber Met John Waters (NY Magazine)

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