Russ Feingold to Join Obama Team as Chief of Staff?


It’s not inconceivable.

In fact, it’s a supremely savvy idea.

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And now, in the can-d0 spirit of landing Betty White a hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, a Facebook campaign is underway to push President Obama to name Sen. Russ Feingold (who lost reelection in Wisconsin) to become his new Chief of Staff.

The movement has generated more than 1,600 people in support in the last 36 hours. Another nine people joined as I wrote this post.

We should be able to multiply that figure in the next 72 hours.


Why Feingold?

As coauthor of campaign finance reform, Feingold was felled, essentially, by unlimited, shadowy dirty money that the Supreme Court gave a green-light to in the disastrous, destructive Citizens United decision. That’s right: a champion of ethics was brought down by corruption. We’ll look back upon this moment and realize we’ve lived a morality tale.

Looking ahead, as a three-term senator and as a committed, sane, rational, patriotic progressive, there is arguably no one better prepared for the job of being the President’s principal minister to the radical-right in Congress, no one more prepared to keep the President organized and armed for legislative and political battle, than this tireless warhorse for the forces of American good.

As a reminder…

Feingold opposed the Iraq war. And given that George W. Bush sacrificed American blood, American treasure, on the basis of lies, he was right. History will judge Feingold as infinity more foresighted — indeed, far more moral — than his feckless, bloodthirsty, ghoulish colleagues on the right.

Which is precisely why the President will benefit from Feingold’s wisdom, wounds and wonder.

Daily Kos is helping to spearhead this campaign, by the way. And rightly so.


Russ Feingold.

Chief of Staff.

On Facebook.

Make it happen.