Entertation Index, Nov. 15-19: Kate Gosselin = Momster?


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The Entertation Index, Nov. 15-19:

Dollywood – On Tuesday, The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions awarded Dolly Parton’s “Dollywood” with the “Applause Award” for the world’s best-managed theme park. In case you’re wondering how Dollywood beat out Britain’s Alton Towers and Germany’s “Phantasialand” for the award, let me remind you that neither Alton Towers nor Phantasialand have a live act called “The Gazillion Bubbles Show” featuring “bubbles and lasers.” Consequently, Dollywood also recently won the “Most Bubbles Award” from the Association of Bubbles and/or Lasers.

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Link: Parton’s Dollywood Named World’s Best Theme Park (Contactmusic)

Garfield – Cartoonist Jim Davis apologized after several readers complained that a Garfield comic strip referencing “National Stupid Day” ran on the same day our nation celebrates Veterans’ Day, saying in a press release that he had no idea that particular comic would run on that particular day. There are currently no plans to repeal “National Stupid Day,” which, as we all know, is a holiday which specifically celebrates people who still find Garfield funny.

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Link: “Garfield” Creator Apologizes for “National Stupid Day” Cartoon (NY Times)

Gosselin, Kate – The reality TV star reportedly responds to her children’s refusal to eat sandwiches she makes for school by essentially recycling them for up to a week until the kids eat them. We didn’t know they were the same sandwiches — we just figured that by the time she got done making enough food for the kids’ lunches, it was a week later.

Link: Gosselin Grub (Us)

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Jameson, Jenna – The former adult film actress opens up to W magazine, revealing that she chose to stop doing porn when she decided she wanted children. Quit she did. Now when people ask how she “handles two at a time,” they most likely mean her 19-month old twins, Jesse and Journey.

Link: Jameson’s Exit (W Magazine)

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Lovato, Demi – Following Lovato’s entry into rehab for suspected cocaine and alcohol issues, the Disney Channel is revamping her series Sonny with a Chance to focus more on other show elements and give her “the time she needs to get well, without distraction or pressure.” The show may temporarily be renamed Sonny with a Chance of Speedballs.

Link: Change in Lovato’s Show (Variety)

Palin, Bristol – Palin’s lackluster DWTS performances have somehow been enough to advance her in the competition, but not enough to keep disturbed viewer Steven Cowan from shooting his TV over the injustice. A greater injustice? That any TV set remains unshot after an airing of Two and a Half Men.

Link: Palin’s Success Enrages Viewer (Gawker)

Park, South – While South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone continue to turn out some of the edgiest comedy on network television, news of late has seemed to point to the fact that occasionally, the two might run out of ideas. And maybe, occasionally, they’ll take something they saw on YouTube and pass it off as their own. In October they admitted that they stole some ideas from a parody of Inception they saw online, and now they’re under fire for an episode two years ago in which they allegedly ripped off another YouTube vid, called “What What (In the Butt)” – a phrase which hasn’t been repeated in a court of law this many times since the Clarence Thomas hearings.

Link: South Park Sued for Spoofing “What What (in the Butt)” Two Years Ago (The AV Club)

Preston, Kelly – The Jerry Maguire actress is trying a Scientology “silent birth” again, after failing with previous child Ella Bleu. To succeed, no one in the room, including Kelly, is supposed to talk, scream, or play music during labor so that the newborn is not traumatized. Sorry, Scientology, expecting a woman to pass a baby through a non-baby-sized passage without a sound? You may have to rethink this one.

Link: Preston to Try Silence (Digital Spy)

Reynolds, Ryan – The guy married to Scarlett Johansson who makes zillions of dollars doing fun stuff like starring as the new Green Lantern was just named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive 2010. And the rich get richer…

Link: Reynolds’ New Award (People)

Twilight – Moviefone is currently hosting a contest to find the world’s biggest Twilight fan, which has drawn the strange entry of a girl named Anita, dressed in some sort of gothic wedding dress, who proudly (and oddly heartfeltly) asks “I mean, how scary is it that I would literally take a bullet for anyone in the cast?” I understand you, Anita. I feel the same way about the cast of Tim Allen’s 1997 masterpiece Jungle 2 Jungle. You go.

Link: Biggest “Twilight” Fan Contestant: She’d Take a Bullet for the Cast (Moviefone)

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