Entertation Index, Nov. 1-5: Justin Long Doesn’t Mean a Pants Size


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The Entertation Index, Nov. 1-5:

Anderson, Capri – The porn-star escort who accompanied Charlie Sheen to his hotel room (see “Sheen, Charlie-” below) says she did not sleep with the actor, and is considering suing him because “she felt her life was in danger … and she also felt like she was being held in the room against her will.” If Capri does file suit and win, it might be the first time ever an escort gets paid for not having sex.

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Link: Anderson + Sheen (TMZ)

Bieber, Justin – The fervently religious teen heartthrob tells the AP that faith helps him resist the temptations that he faces. “Like, I’m a Christian, I believe in God, I believe that Jesus died on a cross for my sins. I believe that I have a relationship and I’m able to talk to him.” In response, Jesus tweeted that he was “totally stoked” to have been friended by the Bieb, and He hopes they keep in touch.

Link: Bieber Communes (Huffington Post)

Disturbia – A legal battle continues to brew in the Los Angeles County Superior Court over whether the 2007 Shia LeBeouf movie Disturbia is an infringement on the copyright of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Rear Window. The legal party most interested in the outcome of this case, however, are the producers of 1988‚Ä≤s Vice Versa, who have been feeling the producers of 1987‚Ä≤s Like Father Like Son breathing down their necks for quite some time now.

Link: Another New Twist in “Rear Window” Dispute (NY Times)

Long, Justin – Movie critic Michelle Orange assailed Long for his work in Going the Distance, calling him “a milky, affectless mook with half-formed features and a first day of kindergarten haircut actor.” Long disagreed with the description, supposedly saying, “that’s not fair. My features are fully formed.”

Link: Long Responds (PopEater)

Modigliani, Amedo – The 1917 Amedo Modigliani painting “Nude Sitting on a Sofa” was the star of a Tuesday’s Sotheby’s auction when the portrait, which was only expected to sell for $40 million, instead was purchased by an anonymous telphone bidder for the sum of $68.9 million. When asked how he felt about purchasing the piece, the caller responded “Oh, there you are. I’ve been shouting for a half hour. Is this Imperial China Take-Out?”

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Link: Sotheby’s Sells Modigliani’s “Nude Sitting on a Sofa” for $68.9 Million (Wall Street Journal)

Perry, Katy – In a Harper’s Bazaar interview, Perry reveals that she and new husband, Russell Brand, both have tattoos that supposedly say “GO WITH THE FLOW” in Sanskrit. (You might be surprised to discover that such a phrase actually existed in Sanskrit.) Their next tattoos are expected to be “REDONKULOUSLY IN LOVE” in hieroglyphs.

Link: Katy’s Tattoos (Harper’s Bazaar)

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Releases, Movie – Last week several upcoming films for the upcoming two years gained official release dates, including a new Conan the Barbarian, a rebooted 21 Jump Street and a remake of Fright Night. That’s right – in case you were wondering, the “upcoming two years” are 1986 and 1987.

Link: “Conan 3D” “Jump Street.” “Bourne Legacy” and Many More Stake Out Dates (Box Office Mojo)

Shepherd, SherriThe Newlywed Game host says it’s strange that she’s now moderating the popular game show, during which she asks couples where they’ve “made whoopee.” Perhaps that’s because no one has used the phrase “making whoopee” outside of The Newlywed Game since 1930.

Link: Shepherd’s Gig (People)

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Sutherland, Kiefer – TV-action star Kiefer Sutherland has joined the Broadway cast of playwright Jason Miller’s Pulitzer Prize-winning That Championship Season, which focuses on four men who come home for a reunion with their high school basketball coach. Sutherland will play the role of James Daley, who ties the basketball coach to a chair, fires a warning shot into his leg to get him talking, and then wraps plastic around the coach’s head until he gives up the missile codes.

Link: Kiefer Sutherland in Broadway Stage Turn (Deadline)

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Warhol, Andy – John Lennon’s widow Yoko Ono tells The New York Post that renowned pop artist Andy Warhol once “predicted something like Lady Gaga.” His predictions came true only a few years later. In Elton John.

Link: Yoko Ono Said Andy Warhol Predicted Lady Gaga’s Style (NY Post)

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