A Chat With Adam Rapp and Those ‘Devil Boys From Beyond’

The ever-ready Everett Quinton

Two more features for AOL’s recently launched City’s Best.

The first feature is a short Q&A with playwright Adam Rapp on the occasion of his new play, Ghosts in the Cottonwoods.

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Here is an excerpt:

Is there a tic in current audiences that makes telling stories more difficult?

I think there are audiences at certain theaters in New York that are more interested in entertainment than art. They’re more interested in seeing a TV star walk around before them than what a playwright has to say. The producers — even those at the nonprofits — are guilty of engendering this Cadillac casting and now the audiences have come to expect it. I have also been to see my actor friends’ work at these theaters, and I’m amazed how many members of these same audiences think going to the theater gives them a license to take a nap.

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The ever-ready Everett Quinton.

The second one is on Devil Boys From Beyond:

Rubber hands, faces, hips and legs, cruelly overdone makeup, eyebrows higher than a cannabis convention: You know camp and kitsch when you see it — and you’ll see it, and then some, in Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliott’s “Devil Boys From Beyond,” a gaily goofy all-male sci-fi adventure.

The play occurs in a scorching Florida town called Lizard Lick. Sure, Thomas and Elliott could have invented something more cold-blooded and reptilian — I might vote for Gecko Grove — but Lizard Lick tells you insanity is set to unfurl.

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