For AOL’s City’s Best: Features on ‘Gatz,’ ‘Git Along Lil Doggie’


Two new stories for AOL’s recently launched City’s Best.

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First one on Gatz, running at the Public Theater:

Leave it to F. Scott Fitzgerald, who died in 1940, to knock the “Jersey Shore” crew out of the zeitgeist – in the eyes of theater lovers, at least.

The buzz surrounding “Gatz,” the six-and-a-half-hour, word-by-word enactment of Fitzgerald’s immortal novel “The Great Gatsby,” devised by the theater company Elevator Repair Service, is running at such a fever pitch that Susan Boyle is probably getting jealous.

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And the second one on Git Along Lil Doggies, running at the Brick Theater:

Friends, pardners, lend me your ears – this ain’t some too-tall cowboy tale. These young fellers may look rootin’-tootin’, pistol-whippin’, rail-splittin’, sharp-shootin’, but “‘Git Along Lil Doggies'” is cookin’ up some tasty stage grub. This here outfit they call Laboratory Theater spins a tale that’s a lil’ “Brokeback Mountain”-y, if you catch my meanin’.

You don’t? Aw, pardners, how else am I gonna explain this “the-ate-er”? Lemme see, maybe I can make it more clear-like. Ya see, they’re these coupla rough-and-tumble cowboys busy eludin’ the law, see. One day they get into jewel thievin’, somethin’ that coulda been rock-solid work without that madam overlookin’ them. I do mean she’s proprietress of that there brothel. Salt Chunk Mary, she is. You might say she’s got those cowboys in her hands like sparkly gold dust. Cowboys who like that sparkly gold dust. If you catch my meanin’.

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