‘Better Left Unsaid’ Meets $20K Kickstarter Goal; Fall Production Moving Forward


Congratulations to producer Kathryn Velvel Jones (at left) and congratulations to writer Joey Brenneman — her play, Better Left Unsaid, will be produced at a theater in New York City this November, with each performance streamed live over the Web. And not in one of those ultra-static-camera setups. This is going to look like professional TV over the Web.

That’s one of the reasons why Jones and Brenneman chose to create a Kickstarter campaign to raise the money needed to do this right theatrically and cinematically.

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Nor is the success of their Kickstarter campaign the end of the story. More about this unique project is to be revealed very soon.

For now, let me just say–

The Clyde Fitch Report was proud to first post about this project — and now I’m so proud at the total money raised for it through Kickstarter: $20,605, from (as of this moment) 161 contributors.

This how the pledges stand, according to Kickstarter — including contributors who, seeing the outpouring of support, elected to add on to their original pledges:

one pledge of $5,000 or more
two pledges of $500 or more
four pledges of $250 or more
13 pledges of $100 or more
35 pledges of $50 or more
49 pledges of $25 or more
30 pledges of $10 or more

Amazing stuff.

Have I talked enough about the play itself? Here’s a little bit from the Kickstarter site for the project:

Better Left Unsaid is a complex roadmap of a play that begins in Central Park on a strangely warm, foggy day in November. We follow eight characters as their paths twist and turn in unexpected ways. Better Left Unsaid is a story about how our lives are affected by the pieces of information that we choose to withhold from the people we love. Sometimes the same secret that protects one person damages another.

Click here for information on the casting for the play and its director of photography.

Finally, as we’ve suggested previously:

There’s no question this will be theater: Better Left Unsaid will feature live actors on a real stage playing characters and unfurling a plot before a living, breathing audience here in New York.

There’s no question this will be television: Better Left Unsaid will be captured through multiple cameras, then streamed live to the Internet, therefore allowing anyone, anywhere in the world to watch the play – and, through chat rooms as well as social media, to immediately interact with it.

There’s no question this will be online video: Better Left Unsaid once captured forever by the camera and streamed, will be available for download by those unable to participate in the action in person or cyberly.