Naked Cowboy Running for President?


No, my friends, we’re not making this up. There’s actually a press release teasing the announcement that the Naked Cowboy will run for president in 2012.

A press conference is set for 12 noon tomorrow on “Military Island” (who coined that?) in Times Square.

Now, before you get your shorts in an uproar, the press conference is only open to, well, press (lucky folks). Be sure to call the Naked Cowboy’s official rep, Todd Rubenstein, at 866-99-NAKED, before showing up.

Of course, the Naked Cowboy’s real name is Robert John Burck. He’s been a fixture, ahem, of the Times Square busker scene since the late 1990s. Let’s also recall his quixotic campaign for mayor of New York in 2009. He argued that no one “knows how to do more with less.”

The pun possibilities here are just about endless. Knock yourselves out.