Commercial Producer Michael Roderick Invites You to PLAE


Commercial producer Michael Roderick has announced that he will conduct his acclaimed seminar PLAE — the initial stand for Program for Launching Artistic Entrepreneurs — for a third time.

All the information regarding the application and enrollment is below.

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Most important, there is a 50 percent discount if you register NOW.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I have been privileged to speak to the PLAE mates during each of Roderick’s previous two sessions, so I can actually vouch for his unerring sense of guidance, insight and wisdom.

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So what are you waiting for?

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Program to Launch Artistic Entrepreneurs (PLAE)
Sept 6 – Nov. 1, every Monday, 7-10pm

What is PLAE?
This is a 10-week development program geared toward equipping arts entrepreneurs with the tools to realize their goals. The course will meet once a week and will feature guest speakers in leadership positions throughout the field of the arts who will participate in the discussion of each entrepreneur’s project and offer guidance and support. The class will be structured around the selected applicants who will create a 10-week action plan and implement a new task or initiative every week. In addition the participants will also be on the ground floor of the building of a new arts entrepreneurship weekend seminar. Topics covered will include networking, developing structure for businesses, understanding the psychology of the arts leader, identifying unique qualities in projects, and fostering on-going relationships with arts professionals. The course will be interactive and satellite networking events will be suggested each week. Participants in the course will work together in groups as well as on their own to complete the tasks they have outlined. The class will be strictly limited to 10 members.

Previous speakers have included: president of HHC Marketing Hugh Hysell, Broadway producer John Pinckard, Broadway producer Andy Sandberg and business plan consultant Sheila Speller, among other entrepreneurial professionals.

Who Should Apply:
Any artists who are seeking to develop a new business idea or company or to restructure a current arts model. Level of experience in an arts related field is only one factor in the selection process. If a banker who has never done a show before has a great idea for a dance company, excellent. The course will thrive if it is full of people who are seriously committed to starting something new and exciting. Any artist – producer, dancer, visual artist, musician, etc. is eligible to apply. This is also a great course for those starting a new theatre company.

The online application form can be found here. Sound exciting? Below are some ground rules:

1. There is a $25 non-refundable submission fee for the application. If you submit your application before Aug. 8, that fee is waived.

2. The course will include books and materials and the full cost for the course if you are accepted is $1,000.00. If you apply before Aug. 23 and are accepted, the course costs you $500.

You read that right. Half price for not waiting until the last minute. Nuff’ said.

3. I am only taking 10 people because I really want to make this intimate. I am going to be introducing this class to a number of new projects and we are going to do some remarkable things. For those of you who are loyal blog readers, you know that I’ve been developing three new businesses and participants will be hearing all about them.

E-mail any questions to

Michael Roderick’s bio:
Michael Roderick has produced at Manhattan Theatre Source, Theater Row Studios, Where Eagles Dare, the Dorothy Strelsin Theatre, the Red Room, the Bridge Theatre at Shetler Studios and has produced shows in the NY International Fringe Festival, the Midtown International Theatre Festival, The Planet Connections Festivity, NYMF, the Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival, among others. He has worked as an office associate for Davenport Theatrical Enterprises and has Off Broadway producing credit as an Associate Producer of the musical ROOMS a Rock Romance at New World Stages as well as an Associate Producer of The New Hopeville Comics at The Chernuchin Theater at ATA. Michael received the MITF Producer’s Award for his show “The Director’s Reality” at Where Eagles Dare and currently serves on the board of Theater Resources Unlimited and Boomerang Theatre Company. Michael is also a graduate of the Commercial Theatre Institute’s 14-week Program, Six-week Creative Intensive Program, and O’Neill intensive. Michael is the organizer of the Independent Producers Alliance of NY and he holds a BA in Secondary Ed English and Theatre Performance from Rhode Island College as well as a Masters in Educational Theatre for Colleges and Communities from NYU.