Amid Tears and Partiers, the Ohio Theatre Closes


The Ohio Theatre is no more — at least in the physical 66-Wooster-Street-in-SoHo sense, although, as reported on any number of other sites, it will continue on as Ohio Interrupted, courtesy of the SoHo Think Tank, over at the 3LD Art & Technology Center. (Dear Alexis-Soloski-of-The-Village-Voice: I once began an article by not referring to semiotics, too. I found that I was ribbed about it regularly for the next two years. Good luck.)

Lyons -- as in longtime Ohio Theatre operator Robert-- in his pride.

Given the high-profile nature of the Ohio’s closure and/or rebirth and/or reinvention, there has been some very decent ink and cyber-ink spilled in celebration/mourning. This article, by Alexis Clements, especially stands out for me. It has a wonderfully valedictory overtone but doesn’t waddle into funereal wailing.

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Of course, all shuttered theaters in New York, especially of the Off-Off-Broadway variety, should be lucky enough to receive an Ohio kind of sendoff. As for asking whether there’s something wrong with an industry in which that even needs to be stated, or asking how the downtown theater world should plan to prevent future Ohio Theatres from closing, we’ll leave that whine for another day.

For today — courtesy of Ralph Lewis — The Clyde Fitch Report is pleased to publish some nifty photos of the closing party at the Ohio. You can feel the funk.

Here they are: