Mac, Hurlin, Parson, Jarmusch, MacLaughlin Win MAP Fund Awards


Courtesy of Creative Capital — which we continue to tout as perhaps the most innovative private arts philanthropy operating today, supported by the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Rockefeller Foundation — comes the announcement of the latest recipients from the MAP (Multi-Arts Production) Fund.

We covered the MAP Fund in 2009, in part, due to the size and scope of the philanthropic commitment at hand, and so we are bringing such coverage to you again in 2010.

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MAP awards $1 million annually to up to 40 artistic projects. There are, according to the fund’s website, various ways in which recipients are evaluation and chosen.

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  • Maintain an open submission policy;
  • Engage panelists and evaluators who are committed to the Fund’s ideals of innovation and experimentation;
  • Focus on the creative individual;
  • Fund the artist’s process, as early in the development of a work as possible;
  • Consider every applicant a potential grantee;
  • Be a national presence;
  • Address the issue of grantee career sustainability.

Congrats to all the recipients, listed below.

13 Playwrights, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
A Map of Virtue
Erin Courtney
Ken Rus Schmoll
A Map of Virtue, a new play by Erin Courtney, directed by Ken Rus Schmoll, which explores questions of virtue and goodness through a fractured narrative.

501 (see three) ARTS
Los Angeles, CA
Who’s Hungry – Santa Monica
Dan Froot
Dan Hurlin
Amy Denio
Who’s Hungry – Santa Monica seeks to illuminate the human dimensions of local hunger by rendering life stories of homeless and hungry residents of Santa Monica, CA, in the form of Puppet Theater.

About Face Theatre
Chicago, IL
Let Them Eat Cake
Maureen Angelos
Megan Carney
Holly Hughes
Let Them Eat Cake provides an open theatrical forum that lets communities in different parts of the United States grapple with issues surrounding marriage equality.

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Arizona State University Foundation
Tempe, AZ
echo::system – ActionStation #3 – The Forest
Grisha Coleman
Walter Kitundu
John Oduroe
ActionStation #3 – The Forest, the third in the five-part echo::system project, will translate the complex and unpredictable dynamics of a forest habitat into an imagined aesthetic installation, informed by the viewpoint of a contemporary urban dweller.

AXIS Dance Company
Oakland, CA
AXIS Dance Company
Shinichi Iova-Koga
Joan Jeanrenaud
ODD will be an evening-length series of dances choreographed by Shinichi Iova-Koga in collaboration with AXIS Dance Company and composer/musician Joan Jeanrenaud. The collaboration is inspired by the paintings of Odd Nerdrum, an Iceland-based contemporary painter whose work merges images of archaic existence with modern artifacts.

Bang on a Can
Brooklyn, NY
Mexican Radio
Betto Arcos
Lila Downs
David Lang
Mexican Radio is a live stage performance that takes the form of a “fake” radio show, complete with late-night DJ. Songs are by composer David Lang, sung by the Mexican/American diva Lila Downs and backed by the world-famous Bang on a Can All-Stars.

Beth Morrison Projects
New York, NY
69° South
Jessica Grindstaff
Erik Sanko
The Kronos Quartet
69¬∞ South is a multimedia dance/theatre/marionette work that uses the story of explorer Ernest Shackleton’s heroic journey across Antarctica to examine our past, present and proposed future.

Big Dance Theater, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
Supernatural Wife
Annie-B Parson
Jeff Larson
Paul Lazar
Supernatural Wife uses dance, theater, video and design to embody a surprising and nuanced response to Euripides’ radical views on gender, selfishness and sacrifice, as expressed in his play Alkestis.

Butte Silver Bow Arts Foundation
Butte, MT
Thinking Like a Mountain
Ann Carlson
Mary Ellen Strom
Thinking Like a Mountain is a series of site-specific performance works that will explore the complexities, controversies, wildness and beauty of the forests in the Rocky Mountain West.

Cross Performance, Inc.
New York, NY
How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere?
How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere? is a multidisciplinary project merging dance, text, film, video, sound and visual art in an exploration of questions of loss, transcendence and the essential human destiny of partnership.

Dance New Amsterdam (DNA)
New York, NY
Guide to Kinship and Maybe Magic
Lewis Forever
Guide to Kinship and Maybe Magic is a new cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary theatre work investigating the role of heritage, family, identity and performance in our society.

Dance Theater Workshop, Inc.
Brooklyn, NY
Danza Permanente
DD Dorvillier
Zeena Parkins
Danza Permanente, a quartet conceived by choreographer DD Dorvillier and developed in collaboration with composer Zeena Parkins, explores how the body can behave as sound.

Everett Dance Theatre
Providence, RI
Brain Storm (working title)
Everett Dance Theatre
Brain Storm (working title), a multimedia dance/theater production that examines the current state of brain research, and how it affects people with disabilities, brain injuries and emotional disorders, as well as those with “normal” brains.

Flynn Center for the Performing Arts
New York, NY
Tesla in New York
Jim Jarmusch
Phil Kline
Composer-writer Phil Kline and writer-director Jim Jarmusch will collaborate on an evening-length, mixed media music theater work based on incidents in the life of Serbian electrical engineer and inventor Nikola Tesla.

Fractured Atlas Productions, Inc
Brooklyn, NY
Saar Harari
Lee Sher
Brandon Terzic
Fame will explore through choreography the struggle of the individual combat soldier – how the army and the circumstances of war influence daily life and the very core of our society.

Fulcrum Point New Music Project
Chicago IL
Song Cycle commission
Vivian Fung
Fulcrum Point New Music Project
Composer Vivian Fung will write a new song cycle for two vocalists and chamber ensemble, based on texts drawn from the stories and love poetry of the minority tribes of China and Southeast Asia.

Haleakala Inc. dba The Kitchen
New York, NY
Daughters of the Industrial Revolution
Annie Gosfield & Ensemble
Flux Quartet
Daughters of the Industrial Revolution examines, through the compositions of Annie Gosfield, how this fertile, historical period changed how we see, hear and think about technology.

Headlong Dance Theater
Philadelphia, PA
Red Rovers
Chris Doyle
Headlong Dance Theater
Red Rovers is a dance theater piece and art installation that uses the true story of the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, as its dramaturgical starting point.

HERE Arts Center
Brooklyn, NY
Soul Leaves Her Body
Peter Flaherty
Peter Ksander
Jennie MaryTai Liu
Soul Leaves Her Body is an integrated-media performance synthesizing theater, dance, cinema, live video, music, and foley sound, inspired by a 13th-century Chinese love story about a young woman who rips her soul from her body.

Horizon Theatre Company
Atlanta, GA
The Fugees Project (working title)
Lisa Adler
Suehyla El-Attar
The Fugees Project weaves together the powerful stories of a Clarkston, GA soccer team made up of refugee children from war-torn countries with those of their coach and their families.

Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA
First Element
Ricardo Richey
Sean San Jose
First Element theatrically explores the rich and legendary history of street art in San Francisco’s Mission District.

Junebug Productions
New Orleans, LA
I Want My Money Back!
Royce Osborn
Hot 8 Brass Band
Junebug Productions
I Want My Money Back! is a collaborative, multidisciplinary, multimedia production infused with the New Orleans vernacular art of performative storytelling.

League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots
Pittsburgh, PA
Musical Work for Piano and Robots
Marc Mellits
Kathleen Supove
Composer Marc Mellits will create a musical work for piano and robotic instruments, performed by pianist Kathleen Supove and LEMUR’s robotic ensemble.

Los Angeles Poverty Department
Santa Monica, CA
Biggest Recovery Community Anywhere
Henriette Brouwers
Kevin Michael Key
John Malpede
Biggest Recovery Community Anywhere is a live performance that explores the personal meaning and cultural significance of the recovery culture in Skid Row Los Angeles.

Mu Performing Arts
Saint Paul, MN
Lauren Yee
A new play by Lauren Yee that considers how our larger American identity is impacted by the actions of individuals.

New Paradise Laboratories
Philadelphia, PA
Extremely Public Displays of Privacy
Jorge Cousineau
Jeremy Beaudry
Whit MacLaughlin
Extremely Public Displays of Privacy is a cross-media performance interrogating the value of anonymity, the social demand for disclosure, the therapeutic value of transparency and the efficacy of public action.

Old Town School of Folk Music
Chicago, IL
Vaudeville: Black at the Roots
Carolina Chocolate Drops
Reginald R. Robinson
Reggio “the Hoofer” McLaughlin
Vaudeville: Black at the Roots is a 2-year collaboration that re-creates a significant and underappreciated performance genre in our national musical heritage.

On the Boards
Seattle, WA
Gloria’s Cause
Dayna Hanson
Gloria’s Cause, a dance-driven rock musical, uses theater, music and testimonials to link ironies of the American Revolution to modern hopes and failures.

Performance Zone, Inc. dba The Field
New York, NY
Animated Dance Film
Pete Drungle
Sarah Michelson
A new work that’s both an animated dance film and a documentary of the making of a dance in real time.

Performance Zone, Inc. dba The Field
New York, NY
An Evening with Jomama Jones
Bobby Halvorson
Daniel Alexander Jones
Kym Moore
An Evening with Jomama Jones – part concert, part revival and part theatre piece – centers on a mythical music diva who stages her triumphant return.

Pick Up Performance Co(S.)
New York, NY
The History of Asking the Wrong Question (working title)
Kelly Byars
Ramona Emerson
Ain Gordon
The History of Asking The Wrong Question investigates America’s insistence that history be kept its way: names, dates, facts memorized in dead sequence, whereas New Mexican native cultures offer history as a continuum.

Rude Mechanicals (aka Rude Mechs)
Austin, TX
Decameron Day 3: Revolution!
Rude Mechanicals will create an original, site-specific performance on the theme of rebellion and revolution, that will use the labor of rehearsal, set construction, performance and strike to clean abandoned lots, plant sustainable flora and create public meeting spaces in the location of its performance.

Sojourn Theatre
Portland, OR
The Penelope Project
Sojourn Theatre Ensemble
Anne Basting
The Penelope Project is a 2-year theatre/community-engagement collaboration based on the Penelope myth in Homer’s Odyssey, involving nursing home residents, their families and nursing home staff.

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Springboard for the Arts
Minneapolis, MN
Niicugni (Listen)
Niicugni is a dance performance that equates the land we live on with the cells that comprise our bodies.

Springboard for the Arts
Minneapolis, MN
Olive Bieringa
Emmett Ramstad
Otto Ramstad
Symptom is a dance work featuring siblings Otto and Emmett Ramstad, which examines the human body as both an object of study and as a producer of knowledge.

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Springboard for the Arts
Minneapolis, MN
The Cooking Show con Karimi y Comrades: Diabetes of Democracy
Robert Karimi
The Cooking Show con Karimi y Comrades is a theater performance that uses culturally-specific cuisine, stories, and rituals to engage communities of color in discussions on the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes.

Talking Band
New York, NY
Walk: A transcontinental play by Taylor Mac and the Talking Band
Talking Band
Walk re-imagines a 1992 nine-month walk from New York to Nevada to protest the Nevada Nuclear Test Site.

The Foundry Theatre
New York, NY
The Oscar Grant Project (working title)
Marcus Gardley
Melanie Joseph
The Oscar Grant Project investigates racial profiling through the story of the fatal police shooting of Oscar Grant in Oakland, CA.

The Sphinx Organization
Detroit, MI
A New Work by Tania Leon
Tania Leon
Harlem Quartet
The Sphinx Organization will commission a new work from renowned Cuban composer Tania Leon for the Harlem Quartet, a Sphinx ensemble, to premiere during the 2010-2011 season.

UC San Diego Foundation
La Jolla, CA
Scarlet Stone
Moshkin Ghalam
Tara Knight
Shahrokh Yadegari
Scarlet Stone is a multidisciplinary performance by artists of the Iranian diaspora, using the ancient mythology of the Persian culture to portray the current struggle of the people of Iran.

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