What If Someone Created Webisodes Out of Craigslist’s “Missed Connections”?


Done. And some of the webisodes are damn funny/good/amusing/insightful — and always well interpreted.

Still haven’t clicked over to the aforementioned link yet? The CFR is pleased to recommend that everyone kicks over to Melissa Center’s page on Kickstarter for her webisode show, Missed Connections Live, and give!

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According to the About page on her website, Missed Connections Live is the result of Center’s growing fascination with, well, the Missed Connections section of Craigslist.

“Who are the people who write these entries?,” she asks. “Do they ever lead to actual human connection?…Are these people for real?”

More than that, she writes that it occurred to her that the material in Missed Connections is perfect for an actress. And she’s right! And so, another webisode series was born. (Hat tip, though I suspect Center doesn’t know it, to the Big Gay Sketch Show and its screaming funny sketches with Colman Domingo reading from the Man for Man section of CL.)

Of course, somebody has to pay for all that equipment and editing time and God knows what else — and that person, Center says, should be you. Just 11 days remain in her Kickstarter campaign, and 51 people have pledged.

Will you be 52? Watch these videos and you decide: