Muslims Return to the Scene of the Crime?


By Stefanie Schappert
Special to The Clyde Fitch Report

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Do you think it is appropriate to construct a 13-story Islamic Center and Mosque near Ground Zero?

A recent poll from the New York Daily News asked Internet readers to vote on the issue. A whopping 67 percent replied yes, because they agree it will promote religious tolerance.

Someone please tell me — and I’m sure my readers will — whose tolerance these voters are referring to? Is not America already a country of religious freedoms and tolerance? The idea of constructing homage to a religion that is the x-factor ingredient of almost all terror groups around the globe today and of the worst terror attack on our country since Pearl Harbor leads me to wonder if we have all lost our minds. As my Green Beret husband likes to say “Am I taking crazy pills?” For those sane people against this atrocity, I can assure you, no, you are definitely not.

Lower Manhattan’s Community Board 1 voted on May 25 to approve the development of an Islamic Center and mosque barely 600 feet from where their Islamic brethren took down the Twin Towers and nearly 3,000 people with it, all in the name of Allah. What could be a better tribute to our dead than putting up a mosque next to hallowed ground where victims either jumped 110 stories to their death or were burnt to a crisp by fiery jet fuel and evil heat radiating from the black hearts of the Islamic hijackers? All this while our 9/11 families still have to pray to a filthy construction/makeshift grave site because the real 9/11 memorial still has not even broken ground yet. Not even a year ago, I was honored to partake in a ceremony held at the site and, let me tell you, there is a physical pressure that hits you like a ton of bricks there, a wall of grief that envelops you and overpowers you. It’s something I’ve never felt before and will never forget.

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Again, are we so worried about political correctness that we can’t even see the manipulation of the Islamic groups operating freely in this country? The main group sponsoring the mosque project is the Cordoba House, run by the controversial Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf. But obviously not controversial enough: When the story broke, the Daily News gave Rauf a full page to write his own article touting how virtuous his intentions are. What happened to real reporting? If they had only googled his name, they’d have found tons of info about this self-proclaimed “bridge-building” Imam. After 9/11, he blamed the attacks on American foreign policy on 60 Minutes. He was also quoted in the Sydney Morning Herald, saying, “Terrorism will not stop unless we acknowledge the harm we have done to Muslims.” You mean, like the harm of allowing Muslims to practice their religion freely in our country? Sounds like an endorsement to kill innocent Americans to me. Of course (and cue head slap), it’s our fault that Islam’s ultimate goal is to conquer the infidel by any means possible. Yes, people, jihad is part of the Koran. Rauf is a lifelong member of the Muslim Brotherhood, backers of the West 96th Street mosque in upper Manhattan. The Brotherhood is known to have some shady financial ties to terrorist organizations like Hamas. Hm, and now we find out the new mosque’s financing will partly come from outside the US? The two imams running the uptown mosque, also part of the Brotherhood, publicly blamed the Jewish population for 9/11 and denied any Muslim involvement. Hello? Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer and Mayor Bloomberg — are you even listening?

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I would much rather see the $100-plus-million slated for the proposed project, which will house a fitness center, pool and theater to show anti-American movies (ok, I made the last one up), to be used here and abroad to educate Muslims about how the West is not out to destroy them. Oh, but then, all the Islamic dictators like Ahmadinejad won’t have a scapegoat to blame their failing, backward economies on. Or maybe the Cordoba House can use that money to promote women’s rights in Muslim countries that keep females oppressed, uneducated and beholden to archaic laws like genital mutilation and dress codes like the recent ban on tight pants ban in Indonesia.

Speaking of which, did you read about the American Pediatrics Academy’s “policy statement” endorsing female genital mutilation? Well, you can read about it here — although, luckily, the public outcry has caused the AAP to reverse its initial decision. Again I ask: How is this even possibly happening in our country?

It’s happening just the way the radical and — wake up, America! — moderate Muslims want it to: by using our own system against us. It’s already taking hold in many European nations. The 9/11 family groups get it loud and clear and they don’t want another terror attack on our soil for people to be convinced. It has been well documented that Muslims believe in Sharia law for the US, with dozens of books written about it Robert Spencer’s Stealth Jihad is a great one.

As a matter of fact, one of the supporters of Sharia law in America is none other than our mosque-supporting Imam Rauf.

Let’s read an excerpt translated from Rauf’s 2004 book A Call to Prayer from the World Trade Center Rubble: Islamic Da’wah From the Heart of America Post-9/11:

You call the nonbelievers to Islam. And if they refuse to accept it, then you initiate the jihad against them. But the whole goal of both da’wah and jihad is to impose Islamic law or Sharia upon the nonbelievers as a political system, not as a religious one.

Muslims for Sharia law are taught by their leaders how to infiltrate our political and legal system, spout catchphrases such as political correctness and racial tolerance, sue when necessary, and chum up to local communities, all to get a foothold into the system and wrangle it to their religious advantage.

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Imam Rauf is a perfect example of this school of thought and sadly, there are more than enough politically correct bleeding hearts and endlessly “willing to understand” New Yorkers to support him and his plans.

Soldiers in Afghanistan, still risking their lives to keep the Taliban from gaining momentum in the War on Terror, honored their fallen brothers this past Memorial Day. As a symbol of remembrance and thanks for their service, they were presented with a steel construction beam from the World Trade Center destroyed in the attacks, donated from a local 9/11 victims group in Queens. Not only would the building of an Islamic Center and mosque be a slap in the face to the innocent civilians lost that day, but also to the 4,400 soldiers who have given their lives in their honor.

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If you are interested in protesting the Ground Zero Mosque, the group Stop the Islamization of America is sponsoring a rally at the proposed site on June 6. SIOA founder Pamela Gellar is responsible for the recent “Leaving Islam” ad campaign that has been plastered on city buses in New York, Miami, and soon to be in Detroit.

Stefanie Schappert is a freelance journalist based in New York. A staunch conservative in a self-professed city of liberals and the military wife of a Green Beret, she created Lipstick Conservative to share her unique viewpoint on politics and culture. Schappert is also reporting on the Tea Party movement for the New York edition of the Other credits include Fox News Channel and NY1 News. Schappert’s conservative viewpoint came into sharp focus following the events of September 11, 2001, the resulting political climate, and living through her husband’s multiple deployments to the Middle East. This former NFL cheerleader and lifelong dancer is known to hang out with quite a liberal crowd and has been the buzz kill during many a dinner party. Contact Stefanie or learn more at

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